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China to draw a line of separation at Mount Everest Summit due to covid-19

TOPSHOT – In this photograph taken on May 2, 2021 mountaineers trek along the Khumbu glacier near Everest base camp in the Mount Everest region of Solukhumbu district, some 140 km northeast of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. (Photo by PRAKASH MATHEMA / AFP) (Photo by PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP via Getty Images)

China state media has reported that it has set up a line of separation on one side of Mount Everest due to the covid-19 outbreak in the country of Nepal. This has been done so that the outbreak does not cross the border.  Nepal’s mountaineers had already warned about the rise in the number of coronavirus cases among the climbers.

China fears as Mount Everest stands in the border between the 2 countries climbers from Nepal side could spread the virus across the border hence they are setting up the line of separation and reportedly, Tibetian mountaineering guides will be going up the summit to set up the line.

The Everest summit has space where only six people can stand at a time and sometimes, the climbers should queue up to wait for an opportunity thus there will be close contact during the movement of climbers from both sides which then increases the chances of spreading the virus. The plan is to organize a zero-contact strategy so that the climbers do not get to meet each other.

Chinese climbers will not be allowed to contact climbers from the Nepal Side and they would not be allowed to touch objects that are left behind or placed at the peak. Since last year, foreigners have been banned to climb Mount Everest from the Chinese side however, only Chinese citizens were allowed to climb.

Nepal on the other hand is open to foreigners and has allotted over 400 permits. However, over 30 climbers had to be evacuated from the mountaineering adventure due to them falling sick.

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