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China opens borders and no quarantine for inbound travellers

From January 08, China will not subject inbound travellers to quarantine and with this, the strict covid rules from the land of dragons are furthermore eased facilitating the economy of the country.

As per the reports, those arriving in China need to only show Covid Negative Test results within 48 hours of departure and the same was issued in a statement from the National Health Commission.

As of now, the requirement is eight days’ isolation; out of which, five days should be at a designated quarantine central facility or hotel, followed by three days’ quarantine at home.

The authorities have further added that this will facilitate visa applications for those who are keen to travel to China for study, business or family reunions however the stance is not clear for those who want to travel for tourism purposes.

Reports also state that limits on the number of international flights between China and the rest of the world and passenger capacity will also be scrapped.

The National Health Commission, however, added that it will continue to monitor the virus’s spread and informed that it will not hesitate to take appropriate measures to avoid COVID outbreaks.

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