Indiranagar has been a destination in Bangalore that attracts foodie and party lovers across the place as it has a beeline of Bangalore finest restaurant & lounges. One of the latest additions to this list is Hoppipola which is an all day Bar & Bonhomie. Located at a quaint corner of 100ft road of indiranagar, just above Mainland China.
Hoppipola is from the household of Mainland China.


We are one of the few lucky ones to Review the newest happening place.
First impressions: – Located on the terrace of Mainland China, A place which has a open Terrace sit out and a enclosed bar inside, the Décor and the interior was very surprisingly impressive which actually digs out our childhood memories. That’s one of the USP of the bar. The décor was so intricately made keeping in out our childhood days, each and every element in the bar actually makes me jog down my memory lane. There was a TV with Video game with book-rack and all comics, novels & books which resembled my bedroom ages ago and the Video games actually was working which had all the games we used to play in our early days such as Mario, Contra, duck hunt etc which actually contains 99,99,999 games in it with multiplayer options. This really was a welcome move to actually remember all the small lil things which gave us such immense pleasure. There were some more board games like othelo, chess scrabble which we actually have forgotten nowadays due to the hectic fast lane lifestyle and this actually helps us unwind with friends and family.






Every inch of the place was taken into consideration with the décor such that even the Study Table lamps which we used to use during our school days burning the midnight lamps days before the exam was reused very well as wall mount lighting and chandeliers.

The bar counter had a very antique look and feel with antique windows with multi colored window glass and even the chairs was made of old wooden Planck which was found in school. The old and rustic feel of the décor wasn’t the only thing that was old, the most shockingly and surprising element and the USP of the place is the Price. This is something that really stands out with such a prime location and its neighboring high end fine dining restaurants and the pricing was just out of the 80’s which really gave me a shocker and F&B offering was worth every penny which was at least 30-40% cheaper than its competitors.







The drinks menu was exhaustive and bang on with the price which matched its quality, Watermelon & Basil crush was my first drink and I would totally recommend it as it was really refreshing. Next in the line as nutty fruity mock tail which had a crunchy nutty feel and totally fresh.

OMG is my first starter which was stuffed mushrooms and was really lick smacking snack. This is one you shouldn’t miss.
Cheesienos was also a decent bet though tasted like garlic bread.
We had ordered for the Special drink Brain Damage, I would want to explain it as only experience can speak and I would say it was mind blowing.looked exactly like brain in test tube.





We finished off the night at Hoppipola with Burgers and Pizza which is also worth a shot,though personally I loved the pizza.
As we enter the restroom, it actually resembled our school restrooms which blue and pink painted walls and décor.



As we move to the open air seating, lot of green plants and bonsai actually refreshes the ambiance in the open and some neat décor.
Hoppipola is also known for organizing weekly and monthly contests relating to beer such as Weekend Chuggathon, Gone in 60 seconds et all which really is a good move to attract beer lovers .They also had beer towers.

This is one place, I would surely recommend for people who would love quiet, good ambience and light on pockets too ,be it a date or re-union or meetups etc.











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High above the sky- Bangalore latest F&B destination

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