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Chennai to host much awaited Dinosaur Festival from June

Straight out of Jurrasic Park, the dinosaur festival is in full rage in India. This is going to be a fun summer with a lot of learning and a chance to come face-to-face with replicas of Dinosaur. 


Chennai Centre is all geared up to host the grand Dinosaur Festival from 10th to 19th June 2022. This is a Dinosaur Festival India initiative where this festival is a part of Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai fest.


This is a 10-day festival and if you are in Chennai, do make a plan to visit this and enjoy the experience.

Credits: Unsplash


The Dinosaur Fest Chennai will be a world-class dinosaur exhibition where visitors will get to experience the Jurassic world. The visitors will not only get to see life-size replicas of the prehistoric animals but will also get to learn a lot of things about the kinds of dinosaurs that once roamed India more than 65 million years ago.



This fun and unique exhibition will be a lot of fun for kids, especially because they will also get to be a part of the fun and cool activities like fossil excavation, jumping castles and a lot of photo sessions with the prehistoric giant creatures.


There will be animatronic dinosaur species that once lived in India more than 65 million years ago. Some of them are Isisaurus, Rajasaurus and Bruhathkayosaurus.

There is free entry on Friday and Monday for public schools in and around Chennai.

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