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Cambodia Wants Tourist to Add Funeral Cost

Your trip to Cambodia will be soon become costlier in wake of the pandemic as the country of Cambodia is charging its visitors with $3000 (Rs 2.2 lakh) deposit to cover everything from COVID-19 tests to funeral arrangements.

In a tweet from Office of Cambodia’s Prime Minister, the Kingdom of Cambodia announced a detailed breakdown of what the money will cover when you contract or show any symptoms of COVID-19 while you are in the country. This is different from earlier rule where Cambodia promised to treat travellers who tested positive for free.  Now, anyone who is flying to Cambodia should present proof of health insurance which should cover to at least $50,000 (Rs 38 lakh) and deposit of $3000 (Rs 2.2lakh)  at a designated bank of entry.

There are 3 scenarios where one will be charged when you enter Cambodia.

  • Arriving in the country and you will be transported to a testing facility which will cost you $5, the test will run for $100, and will be quarantined for a day at designated hotel $30 and another $30 for meals. Totally you will be spending $165 (12, 560 INR) for tests, stay and food.
  • If anyone in your flight has COVID-19 then each visitor will be charged $30/day for food and accommodation and $15 for laundry, $6 for hospital staff,$3 for security staff which adds up to $1281 (up to 1Lakh INR) for 14-day quarantine stay.
  • People who are tested positive for COVID-19 when they enter the country will be burning a hole in their pockets where $30 hospital room fee, $150 hospital services and medication, 4 Covid-19 tests minimum which adds up to $400 and if cases are too severe and you are about to die then the authorities have set aside $1500 for funeral expenses. So in total, a COVID-19 positive patient needs to spend over $180 per day and includes $400 test and $1500 funeral charge if things don’t work out well.
Cambodia Destination
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Cambodia Destination
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