Cambodia is reopened to fully vaccinated travellers.

One of the latest south-east Asian countries to reopen to fully vaccinated travellers is Cambodia. Now that the country has reopened, it is expected to give a huge boost to tourism which has been a matter of concern since the pandemic has begun.

One of Asia’s star attractions, the Angkor Wat temple is located in this country however, the pandemic has forced the tourism industry to shut down and halt the revenue generated by this.

Cambodia Prime Minister made this announcement saying that fully vaccinated travellers whether for leisure or business purpose can now enter without quarantine. In 2019, around US$ 6.6 Billion was generated and due to the pandemic, it was bought down to US$ 1 Billion.

 “When they arrive and we see they have received two doses of vaccine, we will take swabs for rapid tests. After results show they are free of Covid-19, they are allowed to travel across Cambodia.” Said Prime Minister Hun Sen in an audio message.

Also, Siem Reap which has the famous Angkor Wat temple is going to reopen no sooner than January. 

The Prime Minister further ordered the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism and relevant sectors to implement these measures from November 15, 2021, onwards.

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