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Business Class experience from British Airways

British Airways, the national service by Great Britain has some world-class fleets and services. British Airways has its presence of flight routes and destinations connecting most of the major places in and around the world.  When travelling for long-distance flights, it is better to book a seat at Business Class, and British Airways has some of the best Business Class seats which provides comfort during your travel.

British Airways Business Class is termed as BA Club Class. The seats at Business Class or Club Class is of 2-4-2 arrangement where. Upon entering, I was guided to my seat, offered a pre-departure beverage and was given out the menu which helped me to get the time and decide what needs to be ordered.  The 2-4-2 configuration in Business Class is where you get 2 window side seats, 4 middle seats and 2 window side seats.  These seats have a divider in between, respecting privacy however when they serve lunch, these seats are a bit of hassle when the fellow passenger might be served first if you are seated near the window.  The seat here is comfortable and which folds into Full Flatbed with footrest available.

There is a power supply situated near to the seat and a storage compartment located just overhead of the seat. You have a slide-out table to have your food which you order from the menu and you have an option for TV screen providing you with world-class entertainment.  Apart from the overhead luggage storage compartment, you have a small compartment located next to the seat where you can store laptops, suitcases etc.  The headrest, pillow and other amenities provided by The White Company, and those pillows and headrest were soft and fluffy for a good night’s rest.

The amenities included eye masks, socks, toothbrush, paste, earplugs, moisturiser and a pen.

British Airways has some of the delectable foods and in club class, we were given menu beforehand, the menu had starters, main course, desserts and choice of beverage. It’s safe to say the food provided here taste good but sometimes lacked the normal temperature required as some items provided were a bit cold than the other items. But the food tasted good here, I had my share of food and we were served with desserts which tasted delicious.  After some time I was served Tea/Coffee depending on my choice of preference, and when it arrived I found that it was served in proper cup rather than plastic/paper cup. I found it good, however, the drink was not warm as it is supposed to be served.

One amazing thing about the flight is that most of the products that are provided here are from British Upscale Brand, The White Company where you notice their moisturiser or hand creams are found to be best. They also have cushions, pillow and headrest provided which make you sleep like you are entering in dreamland. I had proper sleep with a spacious full flatbed, and with less disturbance as I closed the door which segregates in our seats during my flight.

The British Airways, Club Class passengers have access to their lounges situated in airports, and they are huge and spacious. The Lounge has access to some of gourmet meals and desserts which tasted delicious, with its spacious lounge many people can sit at one time and wait until their flight is ready for departure. The lounges are designed with a hint of luxury which makes you feel like a king while waiting, and they also serve a select choice of beverages.

British Airways first journey experience        
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