Brazil temporarily bans flights from South Africa, the UK to prevent Covid-19 spread

Brazil on Tuesday extends the suspension of flights from the UK and introduces a fresh ban on arrival from South Africa.

“International flights to Brazil, which depart from or pass through the United Kingdom and South Africa, are temporarily banned,” a news report was published in the local newspaper.

The authorities have also suspended transit permits for passengers arriving from the UK and South Africa or even the travelers who are on transit for the past 14 days. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the deportation of passengers to their country of origin.

In December, the UK informed that the World Health Organization of the new mutated version of the Covid-19 variant which is more than 70% transmissible to the previous strain of coronavirus.

Although the new strain is transmissible it is not yet determined to be more pathogenic and many countries have suspended travel and closed their borders with the UK.

Same time, another mutant strain was discovered in South Africa and it was also capable to spread quickly, thus many countries have restricted or banned travel to and from these countries to check the spread of the new coronavirus.

Although many countries have banned it has not far prevented infecting people and spread in new countries.

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