A big fan of music and it is genre & language independent.Just love any melody and instruments that transmits pure bliss melody and the carrier plays an important role and nowadays the speakers play a vital role in enhancing the quality of music and amplifying it.

User friendly and techno friendly is the next big thing and retaining the acoustics in a speaker that is portable and ease to use makes Logitech X100 Wireless Speakers a very desirable product.


It is a Bluetooth technology operated speakers that has a stylish design with crystal clear sound.A accessory that i would love to carry it everywhere i go.Music on the go is an integral part of my life,be it in a park or a chat shop or home party.

The speaker i received is a bright teal one !!! They have a set of 5 color offering with  turquoise, blue , orange, red , maroon, and yellow.The design has a easy rubberized grip that would save from small drops.It can be connected by any bluetooth device and Wirelessly connect, stream music, manage phone calls and control volume.


The structure of the speaker is well built with the LED light on top, we have the power button, the volume up, a Bluetooth button, volume down. It has a  3.5mm jack for aux connections and a micro USB port.


Once i powered up the device, the LED lights up and the sound that is transmitted is clear but it is a mono speaker,not a stereo one.The Bluetooth transmission wasn’t steady,when the distance between the device and the speaker were pretty far apart especially more than 20 meters.

I did try the hands free calling feature using my mobile phone and also could manage the speaker’s volume.The battery level lasted around 4-5 hours which is expectational for a portable speaker.I did use it to view movies on my ipad mini and streaming audio through Bluetooth to Logitech X100 Wireless Speakers.

Verdict:- A perfect boom box in the pocket for people on the go.

Cost:Rs. 2,995.00

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#MacroTravellerTech Lifestyle
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