Entrepreneur Couple pen insightful book on journeys of 6 successful Start ups

“The Start up Diaries” was unveiled by Phanindra Sama, CEO, Redbus.in,
in the presence of other featured entrepreneurs.

From left to right

Ajit Andhare, Founder Colosceum Media, Neeti Jain, co-author of the book, Gagan Jain, co-author of the book, Phanindra Sama, CEO of Redbus.in, Abhinav Sinha, Founder of EKO.

The Start Up Diaries

Bangalore, 25th September, 2013: Gagan Jain and Neeti Jain, authors cum entrepreneurs, launched their first book, “The Start up Diaries”, a collection of real stories on ordinary entrepreneurs with extraordinary journey, today at Oxford Bookstore in Bangalore. The book was unveiled by Phanindra Sama, CEO, and Redbus.in, one of the entrepreneurs featured in ‘The Start up Diaries’. The other entrepreneurs present at the event were Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder, One97; Abhinav Sinha, Founder, EKO and Ajit Andhare, Founder Colosceum Media, who are featured in the book as well. The book also features Yo! China and The Loot Store.

‘The Start up Diaries’ is a collection of the real life experiences of six of the most successful entrepreneurs operating in India. The journeys of these entrepreneurs have been realistically laid down in the book, where the author-couple believes ’The Start up Diaries’ will influence the thoughts of budding entrepreneurs and aspirants. Each chapter is dedicated to one entrepreneur, capturing every incident of his journey to success, including his motivating, hilarious and thought provoking moments.

Unveiling the book, Phanindra Sama, CEO, Redbus.in said, “’Start up Diaries’ is the story of aspiring entrepreneurs who believed in their dreams and pursued them against all odds to give birth to innovative ventures. The realistic picture it has drawn on the journeys of each entrepreneur can educate and inspire readers. I appreciate the effort put by the Jains for the approach they have taken in conveying the message across in an effort to motivate young talent to believe ‘Entrepreneurship’ can be a great career option.”

It is evident that countries that do not support entrepreneurship have slower growth rates. India, if it needs to grow at a faster pace should give rise to more entrepreneurs. A changed-mindset to that of risk-taking should be adopted along with the acquisition of required skill sets in their areas of expertise.

Gagan Jain, Author cum Entrepreneur, commented, “Entrepreneurship is celebrated in India today and the country is slowly emerging as a ‘hub’ for entrepreneurs. People dream of owning a company and establishing themselves, but many are unaware of the struggle and challenges they could possibly encounter on the journey. ‘The Start up Diaries’ aims to educate readers, revealing the true experiences of six successful start-ups highlighting the hurdles faced and how they overcame them to achieve their dreams.”

Neeti Jain, Co-author, adds, “It was truly an eye-opener for us, when we started to interview the entrepreneurs and listened to their struggles, which otherwise would have been unknown. We are grateful to them as they took time off their busy schedules to narrate their success stories, challenging times and the solutions they implemented. We hope ‘Start-up Diaries’ will become a motivation and a ready reference guide for young aspirants.”

The book is available on facebook store, e-commerce sites and at all the leading book stores priced at Rs. 249/-.

About the book:
‘The Start up Diaries’ has covered the creators of the renowned companies like redBus.in, Yo! China, Eko Financial Services, The Loot Store, Colosceum Media and One97 Communications. In each story, the authors have captured the struggles, challenges, and accomplishments; funny and significant moment of the entrepreneur’s life in such engaging way that it makes the book an interesting and effortless read.

Each story focuses on the goals and the mistakes that a person makes during his initial stages of growth. And eventually, how these mistakes teach him the lesson and succeed further. The stories depict the strong determination and will power of these entrepreneurs who despite various challenges pursued their dreams and ultimately succeeded, overcoming the odds.

The Book also throws light upon the existing ecosystem that’s prevailing in our country to help and assist entrepreneurs. In a very light manner, the authors have introduced the influence of Venture Capitalists, Mentors and organizations boosting entrepreneurship. This book doesn’t seek to glorify entrepreneurs, but presents a very realistic perspective of their hardships, mistakes and proud moments. It tries to shatter the common perception that only Ivy League or IIM qualified people can create successful new age businesses.

About the authors:

Gagan Jain, author of the book ‘The Start up Diaries,’ is a seasoned professional 10+ years of experience in Media, Retail and E-commerce sectors across India and overseas. He has been associated with various start-ups including Moneysaver (now Snapdeal), Cerebral Heights (An MBA Institute and Preparation Centres in central India) and his own venture www.rangrage.in, a designer label for hand painted merchandise. Along with his own startup, he is working as the Head-Retail & E-Commerce with Mad(e) In India – a brand celebrating the quirks, the colors, the spirit, the ancient, the nouveau, the mystical identity of India and its people.

Neeti Jain is the co-author of the book ‘The Start up Diaries’. She is the Founder and Creative director of Rangrage.in, a designer label for hand painted apparels and home décor products. She received her M.A. in Economics from Rajasthan University along with Post Graduate Diploma in Brand management from ICFAI and Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. She has extensive experience of working in Advertising, Media and Consultancy with reputed organizations like Times Group, Lintas.

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