Bihar Tourism cancels all April Events due to Rising Coronavirus cases

Bihar tourism has canceled all events for the month of April amidst a rising number of coronavirus cases. Additionally, the tourism body is also thinking of pushing back events for the month of May. In the month of April, the state celebrates the famous Patna Sahib Festival, which this year was supposed to be held on April 13 has been canceled. This festival is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir.

Other events such as the Lacchuar Mahotsav in Lacchaur, the Kundalpur Mahotsav in Nalanda, Thawe Mahotsav in Gopalganj, and Mundeshwari Mahotsav in Bhabua, have also been canceled. All these festivals were scheduled for this month.

According to Narayan Prasad, the State Tourism Minister, “The events have been canceled due to the growing Covid threat. No tourism festival will be held in April. The government has already issued guidelines for public functions.” Bihar currently has 267,000 cases of Covid-19 and is rising exponentially.

According to the minister, containing the spread of coronavirus has been difficult and in the current scenarios, a public event should be avoided. The minister also said that the Union Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel’s event has also been postponed from April 10th to May 01. The Union Minister was supposed to attend Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav however due to cases they made a decision to postpone.

Mr. Narayan Prasad has not made any decisions regarding the events being planned in the month of May.

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