Bhutan to reopen for international travellers from September

One of the world’s peaceful county, Bhutan is all set to welcome international tourists from September onwards where an official statement from the kingdom mentions that the country is opening for the first time since the pandemic began as it looks to revive its economy.

In the wake of the Covid19 outbreak, Bhutan took early steps to close its borders to tourism. The county has recorded over 60000 cases and being closed to tourism has impacted its economy where which has pushed people into poverty.

The  Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) stated that it will be allowing international tourists to enter the kingdom from September 23.No More Free Entry for Indians to Bhutan-00003

As per the reports, tourists will be charged US$ 200 per night which is up from US$65 per night pre-pandemic and the officials in the know-how added that this new fee will help control tourists’ carbon impact.

TCB Chairman and the country’s Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji released a statement stating that the COVID-19 has allowed them to reset and rethink how the sector can be best operated and structured while keeping the carbon footprints low. He informed that the kingdom had revised standards for service providers, such as tour operators, hotels, drivers, and guides.

As per the data of TCB, Bhutan initially opened to high-end tourists in 1974, whereas the number surged to 315600 in 2019.

Referring to this development, tour operators added that the visitors would be free to plan their itineraries and choose their operators.

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