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Best Way to have fun in Sentosa is to use Sentosa Fun pass

Sentosa in Singapore is one of the most visited Island as it is a hub of tourist activities. It provides entertainment and fun activities for all genres of tourists, people who are adventurous can try out Adventure land and park, for people who are nature lovers can try out butterfly park and people who love to try out different cuisine can try out their taste palate at Hard Rock Hotel or people who want to explore art and architecture can try to visit Madame Tussauds museum. Sentosa Island offers all these activities which make you extend your visit to Singapore and explore the Island Country and its places.

What better way to explore Sentosa while it does not burn a hole in your pocket is Sentosa Fun Pass. Sentosa Fun Pass can be purchased online at the minimum rate and purchasing this fun pass let you explore most of the activities in Sentosa Island which costs around 64% savings rather than purchasing the ticket for each activity which you want to explore.

Fun Pass is one-stop-shop to explore over 70 attractions in Sentosa and around 64% off which is usable for over 2 days and if you want to explore for more days you can always top-up at various ticketing counters spread across the island. You can purchase the tickets online at their official website and the ticket prices vary according to the number of tokens you want to purchase.

The details of the ticket as follows.

Sentosa fun pass with 55 tokens costs $51.00, 80 tokens costs $72.00 and 120 tokens costs $105.00 additionally there is an option to include Universal Studios Singapore with the fun pass and the tickets for Sentosa Fun Pass+Universal Studios Singapore costs for adults 55 tokens = $120.00, 80 tokens = $140.00 and 120 tokens = $170.00, for children’s the cost of tokens is as follows 55 tokens = $100.00, 80 tokens = $120.00 and 120 tokens = $150.00. This can be topped up after 2 days with minimum top-up amount is $5 for 5 tokens.

You can top up the number of tokens to your favourite rides, experiences and tours however we list some of the many experiences which can be undertaken by the usage of tokens.

With 5 tokensButterfly Park & Insect Kingdom: Bookmark Making Workshop +                                                        Souvenir

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom: Magnolia Ice Block + Mineral Water

Go-green: Bi-pedal Bicycles (30 Min)

Madame Tussauds Singapore: Ultimate Film Star Experience

Mega Adventure Park: Jungle Buggy Ride

Trick Eye Museum: AR Luggage Tag

4D Adventure Land: 1 Cornetto Ice Cream

AJ Hackett: Bottled Water 600ml (2 Bottles)

iFly Singapore: Regular Hot Coffee / Tea (Hot/Cold) / Canned Drink + Ice-cream

With 10 tokens: Sentosa Island Bus Tour1 (2 hrs) 10.30am I 12.30pm I 3.30pm

Sentosa Merlion3 (free upgrade to Sentosa Merlion Guide Tour for redemption at selected timings: 11.45am, 1.45pm or 3.45pm)

4D Adventure-Land: Desperado in 4D

Go-green: Segway Fun Ride (250m) and Bicycle Ride (1hr)

Madame Tussaud’s Singapore: VR Racing Experience

Mega Adventure Park: Mega Bounce and phone pouch

Ola Beach Club: Stand Up Paddle-board (30 min) and single kayak (30 min)

The Maritime Experiential Museum

Wave House Sentosa: Catch-A-Wave (2 Tries)

AJ Hackett: Sky-bridge

With 15 tokens:  4D Adventure-Land: Journey 2 – The Mysterious Island, Extreme                                                         Log Ride and haunted Mine Ride

AJ Hackett: Sky-bridge + Lanyard + 1 Soft Drink or Bottled Water

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom • Go-green: Segway Fun Ride  (500m)

Go-green: Bi-Pedal Bicycle (2 hrs)

Wings of Time: Standard seat for 7.40pm & 8.40pm shows

With 20 Tokens:  Wings of Time: Premium seats for 7.40pm & 8.40pm shows

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom + Bird Feeding

Head-Rock VR: 2 Rides from Orange Zone

With 25 tokens:     4D Adventure-Land: 2-in-1 Combo (Extreme Log Ride, Haunted                                                          Mine Ride, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island / Desperado)

KidZania Singapore: TranZit PaZZ (3 hrs)

Madame Tussauds + Images of Singapore LIVE + Spirit of  Singapore Boat Ride

S.E.A. Aquarium™: Admission (Child)

Hard Rock ® Hotel Singapore Session: Flavour of Singapore Set Meal

With 30 tokens:      Adventure Cove Water park (Children)

Cable Car: Sky Pass

Head-Rock VR: Big Madame Tussauds + Images of Singapore LIVE + Spirit of Singapore  Boat Ride + Marvel 4D Experience/Ultimate Film Star Experience

S.E.A. Aquarium + The Maritime Experiential Museum (Children)

With 35 tokens:        4D Adventure-Land: 4-in-1 Combo (Extreme Log Ride +                                                                            Haunted Mine Ride + Journey 2: The Mysterious Island + Desperado)

Adventure Cove Water park (Adult)

Madame Tussauds + Images of Singapore LIVE + Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride + Marvel 4D Experience + Ultimate Film Star Experience

Mega Adventure Park: Mega-jump + Mega-climb

S.E.A Aquarium Admission (Adults)

With 40 tokens: 4D Adventure land and SEA Aquarium + The Maritime                                                                                Experimental Museum admission for adults

With 45 tokens: Head-Rock VR (Big)

With 50 tokens: AJ Hackett Sentosa: Giant Swing + 1 T-Shirt

With 65 tokens: Mega Adventure Park Mega-zip and Phone Pouch

With 90 tokens: 1 Skydive option at iFly: The teaser

And with 110 tokens: 2 Skydive option at iFly and First timer challenger package

Please note these are some of recommended to do’s with the number of tokens purchased, however, please feel free to explore the rides and attractions which Sentosa offers with Sentosa fun pass.

#MTtips – Visit Sentosa official website to purchase the pass as they would have offers and promo codes which makes you purchase your pass with discounts

Destination Singapore
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Destination Singapore
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