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In Los Angeles, you will not find any pretext to waste your time because there are thousands of activities you can do. Depending on your budget, you can ride a bicycle or a limousine-like a movie star, or go around the coast during a boat trip, and even go over everything and everyone in a helicopter. There is no reason to get bored in Los Angeles because you will find the cinema, theater, sports, museums, tours, shopping centers and amusement parks that make this city a real world-class tourist destination.


In this area, you can see film studios, television, and record companies, as well as walk the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame to see the footprints and hands of legendary movie stars. The famous Hollywood Boulevard runs through the district and has numerous theaters, shops, historic buildings, a shopping center, museums and some hotels. You will find excellent recreational options to spend an unforgettable day on your vacation! Of course, you cannot miss a picture with the iconic Hollywood sign as a backdrop.

Cinema StudiosLearn about the facilities and the history of some of the most important film studios through guided tours, such as the tour to the Sony Pictures Studios (formerly MGM), the Paramount Pictures studios or the VIP tour to the Warner Bros studios. In these places you have to book the entrance in advance and children cannot enter, because often several productions require maximum silence and control of visitors. You are likely to meet one of your favorite celebrities because these are their places of work!

Beverly Hills

Walking around Beverly Hills is like being part of a movie or TV series. This area of ​​Los Angeles has many attractions on its own, but the most outstanding thing is the impeccable care of its streets, the sophisticated style of its inhabitants and the undeniable sense of status that attracts visitors and locals. It is not strange to find important celebrities in any store or café!

Here you will find the historic Greystone Mansion and the famous Rodeo Drive, known as the epicenter of luxury shopping for its shops by the most exclusive local and international designers. You will also enjoy live events here, such as the Playboy Jazz Festival.

Disneyland Resort

Only half an hour from Los Angeles you will find this well-known theme park inspired by Disney characters and complemented by roller coasters and many types of activities to have the most fun. The park is so big that you will need to spend several days to explore it completely. In total there are more than 60 attractions, 30 restaurants, and 50 stores!

Among the Disneyland activities, Fantasyland stands out, where you will meet the famous princesses; Mickey’s Toontown, the world of classic characters; and New Orleans Square, home of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disneyland Adventure Park

To one side of Disneyland Resort is this exciting theme park more oriented to visitors who seek strong emotions and a lot of adrenaline. It is divided into five thematic areas and includes natural attractions, restaurants, rides, and parades. If you do not know which one to choose, do not worry, because most tours include tickets to the two Disney parks.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Located about 15 km north of Los Angeles, this theme park brings together the most successful productions of this company, such as Shrek, the Simpsons, the Minions, Transformers, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter. Get ready to experience great emotions and experience the adventures you enjoyed on the big screen! Universal Studios also have themed roller coasters, shows, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Knotts Berry Farm

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This theme park is about 45 minutes from Los Angeles and has dozens of rides, including nine roller coasters. You will also enjoy live shows and thematic areas ideal for children, such as the Snoopy character.

Knots Berry Farm was the first theme park in the United States and, with more than 65 hectares, is considered one of the largest in the city. Also, to the side is the Knott’s Soak City water park, highly recommended for the hot season.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Approximately 60 km north of Los Angeles you will find this immense amusement park, considered the “cradle of roller coasters.” It offers more than 100 hectares in total and some 50 mechanical games, of which 19 are, roller coasters, including some of the highest and fastest in the world. The park is divided into nine thematic areas, some inspired by characters from the Looney Tunes and the superheroes of the DC Comics universe, such as Superman and Batman.


Located approximately one hour from downtown, Los Angeles beaches cover more than 70 km from Long Beach in the south, to Santa Monica in the west. In the southern part of this coastal strip, you will find attractions such as the iconic The Queen Mary Hotel, the yacht club and the Cabrillo aquarium, the Trump National Golf Club and the relaxing Redondo Beach Pier.

A little further north the beaches become more extensive, with ideal areas for sports and sunbathing, such as Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. In the latter, you will find an aquarium located at the end of the pier, in whose surroundings it is not allowed to swim, but it is ideal for water activities such as surfing and paddleboarding.

The beach of the King, bordering the airport, is quite extensive and stands out for its sand dunes. Venice Beach is one of the busiest and has picturesque shopping areas, a famous pier, various lodging options and a residential district known as Venice Canals, similar to the European Venice, with colorful houses built on the banks of the canals and decorated in Picturesque styles with artistic touches.

The coasts of Santa Monica are not recommended for swimming but offer a large number of restaurants, shops and a pier with spectacular views and rides. A bike path of approximately 7 km crosses this beach and extends to the Palisades area. The beaches of Malibu, a little further away from Los Angeles, provide a suitable setting for water sports and even sighting marine species in the winter season.


Visiting Los Angeles is an excellent opportunity to see unique sports teams live. Among the leading venues include the Dodger if you want to look at Major League Baseball and the Staples Center, where they held the NBA games. The latter is home to the Clippers and the Lakers in the men’s field, as well as the Sparks in the women’s league. If you like ice hockey, you can also watch Los Angeles Kings games at this stadium.

In the southern part of the city is the StubHub Center stadium, also known as “the cathedral of soccer.” It is home to the Los Angeles Galaxy team.

Los Angeles Museums

The American Association of Museums has registered a large number of museums only in the metropolitan area of ​​Los Angeles. Most are art and history, but you will also find interactive science museums and temporary and permanent exhibitions that are really worth visiting. Among the main highlight the Science Center California, the Museum J. Paul Getty, the Japanese American National Museum (JANM for its acronym in English) and the Museum of Art’s Los Angeles County (LACMA).

You can also visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Hollywood Museum and the Wax Museum of Madame Tussauds. If you travel with children, the most interesting are the Zimmer Children’s Museum, the Guinness World Records Museum, and the Natural History Museum (NHM), the latter with more than 35 million pieces.

Live Events

Los Angeles is home to many singers and the headquarters of major labels such as Capitol Records, Universal Music Group, and Aries Music Entertainment, among others. The theaters, parks, stadiums, and auditoriums of this city have the technology to carry out great concerts, plays, international competitions and special presentations that are worth taking advantage of during your visit. The idea is to ask at your hotel about the calendar of events. Some of them are free!

Live TV Programs

Attending a television studio during the recording of a program will make you laugh and cry at a free rein while being part of the public. If you like talk shows, reality shows, comedies and contest programs, you may have noticed that at certain moments you hear applause, laughter, and reactions from the public. This is because each chapter is recorded live with an audience, and you can be part of it if you reserve a place in advance.

In general, the tickets are free or have a low cost of recovery for the organizers of the group. Ask at your hotel about these events and have fun to the fullest!

Griffith Park

It is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. It covers 17 km² in the northern part of the city and is ideal for getting in touch with nature and hiking. Inside there is an observatory, an amphitheater, a botanical garden and the Los Angeles Zoo, as well as three museums and the famous Hollywood sign. You will also find tennis courts, golf courses, and picnic areas. Every year, in December, a Festival of Lights is celebrated in it with colorful sculptures decorated with Christmas lights.

Rancho La Brea

This beautiful green area is ideal for a family visit. It is located within the Hancock Park and has about 100 tar wells, some with more than 40 thousand years old, in which fossils of prehistoric animals and plants have been found. Many of these vestiges are protected in the museum of the site and, in addition, in the facilities of the park, you can see some reproductions of these specimens in natural size.

Last but not least, don’t leave Los Angeles without sampling the delicious cuisine, which is a mouth-watering blend of the best culinary traditions of North America. It’s something you have to experience for yourself.

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