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Best Awadhi Restaurant in India: Dum Pukht #ITCMaurya

One of ITC Hotel’s most prestigious cuisine brands, Dum Pukht promises an unsurpassable dining experience to all its customers. Based on the procedure of slow cooking called ‘dum’, involving dough-sealed vats of finely flavoured meat, vegetable and rice preparation, this cuisine opens a whole new world of culinary refinement.

Dum Pukht serves as a nostalgic bestowal of aromas, flavours and textures that pay tribute to an appreciation of the delicate aspects of life. Dum Pukht assures to make your feasts more unique through its Awadhi flavours and elegant endeavours. Ranked as the 17th best restaurant in Asia and No. 1 in India, I decided on a whim to go to Dum Pukht. Alike all high-end restaurants in Delhi, they don’t open till 7. Note: With no reservation on a Saturday night! When you are entering Dum Pukht, placed in one of the finest hotels in Delhi, the ITC Maurya. You get the sense you will remember this experience for a long time.

Fantastic Atmosphere!

Boosting the unique cuisine of Dum Pukht to exceptional heights are the deep sapphire blues that infuse the décor, crystal and the china.

The room has an ancient world feel with its many chandeliers and Mughal architecture and the tables perfectly set with silver plates and tastefully blue chalets giving Dum Pukht near picturesque ambience.

Dum Pukht lingers faithful to tradition and recreates the entire range of dishes compatible with this cuisine, which includes shorba, biryani, kebabs, kormas, kaliya, roomali, zarda, Nehari-kulchas, salan, sheermal, rotis, parathas and varieties of naan.

SIGNATURE DISHES:Dum Pukht presents Dum Pukht Biryani, Kakori Kabab, Dudiya Kabab and Shahi Nehari!

Legendary Chef!

In 1970 ITC was in its quest to bring back the culinary heritage and lost awash cuisine to the lead, they came across Chef Imtiaz Qureshi who associated to the family of illustrious cooks in Awadhi Society. Chef Qureshi doesn’t need any introduction now, had mastered the several royal recipes which loved by everyone who has dined at Dum Pukht. Now Chef Gulam Qureshi leads on the tradition and authenticity of the recipes handed over to him by Masterchef Imtiaz.

DELECTABLE Food for the Nawabs!

The dining room is gorgeous – done in grey and very chic. Live music was playing, that for me is always a good plus. The food was great indeed! I had vegetarian dishes only, and the highlight was Dudhiya Kebab.It was cheese cottage kebabs. Delicious, I love it. Kham Khatai– It’s fragile aromatic patties of green moong lentils, spiced with brown cardamom seeds, mace and saffron. I honestly liked this for its flavor, and it was very soft and delicious.

Dum Pukht Badin Jaan (looks like a cupcake) – This dish is a delicious mixture of thick marinated Brinjal wedges, which are deep fried and coated with a chunky tomato sauce; they are then finished off on a Dum and topped with dabs of bland yoghurt whipped cream and flavoured lightly with garlic.

Dal Dum Pukht or Dal Bukhara– Unbelievably heavenly! Served with India bread basket contained Warqi Paratha and Rogani Roti (whole wheat).

Guchhi Pulaojust made my day. Gucchi is a mushroom, so it was a unique and new concept for me. The smell of saffron seasoned basmati rice and flavour of morels stuffed with herbed cheese and finished in a sealed handi with cardamom.

If you are in Delhi and want to have excellent dinner, then go to Dum Pukht. Expect to pay around Rs 4500 – Rs. 5500 per person if you are going to eat non-vegetarian. Vegetarian dishes are limited. In the end, I left jubilant, and I can only say that this is the most royal place to dine in royal style! Next time, I’m going back there for sure!






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The Royal Table by India’s Royal Cuisine | ITC Maurya

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