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Benjarong’s ‘Amazing Phuket’ festival

Lately i have been trying out a lot of Thai cuisine since my visit to Thailand last year.Recently got an invite to check out the ‘Amazing Phuket’ festival at Benjarong, My Fav Thai Restaurant in Bangalore.

Benjarong was hosting the ‘Amazing Phuket’ Festival, starting from 27th January to 14th February 2016 which is a blend of handpicked delicacies from street stalls and local restaurants of Phuket and exotic and authentic selection of Thai cuisine,that makes you crave for more.

I have been a patron of Benjarong for very long time and was greeted by Chef Ram Kumar,who had carefully crafted the special À la carte menu with the Signature Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Thai dishes that hail from phuket.

The Festival offers a wide range of appetizers like Tod mun goong pla (Deep fried prawn and fish patties served with chilli plum sauce), Pla tod grob (Crispy fried anchovies served with sriracha chilli sauce).

Pak bung tod prik pon (Crispy fried spinach tossed with garlic and crushed chillies), Hed hoo noo pahd tohu (Stir fried tofu cubes,wood ear mushroom and water chestnuts served in rice tartlets) Being a vegetarian also, i was impressed by the option that had to offer and loved the appetisers especially Pak bung tod prik pon

Some of the authentic main course dishes like Hormok poo (Steamed crab meat mousse with Thai sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves), Pahd tohu priew warn (Fried tofu, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers tossed in sweet and sour sauce) , Pahd thai goong hor kai (Thai rice sticks cooked in sweet and tangy tamarind sauce with prawns and beans sprouts, wrapped in egg omelette),

Phad Hed Ruam Khao Pod Orn (Stir fried assorted mushrooms and baby corn with fresh red chillies, onions , coriander leaves and soya.

Thai desserts are something you shouldnt miss.The exotic array of desserts like Khanom kluay (Steamed banana cupcake served with vanilla ice cream) and my all time favourite and authentic Tender coconut panna cotta with chestnut rubies.No one can eat just one.

The ‘Amazing Phuket festival’ is sure to offer a peep into the bustling street food scene of Phuket and experience the culture with the scintillating aroma of spices. Reservations can be made for the festival at 080 3221 7201 or walk into Ulsoor Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore.

Restaurant Timing:
Lunch 12:15 PM – 3:00 PM
Dinner 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Average meal for two

About Oriental Cuisines:
Oriental Cuisines Private Limited (OCPL) was originally founded by foodie, professor, restaurateur & entrepreneur M. Mahadevan in May 1994. It was later renamed Oriental Cuisines Private Limited in March 1997. While the name might indicate a leaning towards all things Asian, the global cuisines offered brings the finest flavours of the world to connoisseurs. Oriental Cuisines’ brands include The French Loaf, Le Chocolatier, The Tapas Bar, Benjarong, Teppan, Ente Keralam, Wangs Kitchen, China Town and Planet Yumm.

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