Belgium bans leisure travel for its citizens

Belgium has announced a ban on all leisure travel for its citizens until March. This ban will start from next week and has been put in place in order to fight the coronavirus.

Speaking about this Belgium’s prime minister, Alexander de Croo mentioned that when people travel, the virus also travels with them hence the ban has been checked in place.

The prime minister further said that the travelers coming from South America, South Africa, and Britain entering the country should quarantine for 10 days.

The ban is applicable only for leisure travel, however, all essential and humanitarian travels can still continue. The country has been facing a rise in coronavirus cases due to returning travelers. And during popular holidays, and so the ban has been in place to stop the spread. This ban comes into place when Belgians are known to head over to the Alps for skiing during the winter months.

This ban has come into place after EU leaders came to the conclusion that the borders should remain open to allow the transportation of essential goods and the movement of workers (We have published this in our previous blog). However, the leaders decided to let the nations take any other measures required for the safety of their respective countries.

The EU has also planned to take certain measures, such as introducing dark red zones where there is a high case of the virus, and in such areas, the travelers are required to take tests before departure and also quarantine for a stipulated period.

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