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Beijing seals of Olympic bubble to keep covid19 at bay.

The Chinese capital of Beijing is taking strict measures to keep covid19 at bay to ensure a safe Winter Olympics as the games are said to be held from February 04 to February 20, 2022. The country has sealed off its winter Olympic bubble to protect against the onslaught of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the reports, the Beijing Winter Olympic Bubble is meant to keep thousands of staff, volunteers, cleaners, cooks, and coach drivers in a cocoon for weeks. They would not be having any direct contact with the outside world, thus keeping them safe from the virus.

People wait in line outside a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination centre at Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia, June 23, 2021. REUTERS/Jane Wardell

Beijing is expected to welcome around 3000 athletes and media people worldwide, and they too will be in the bubble until they leave Olympic village. All people who need to enter the Olympic bubble need to be fully vaccinated, or else they need to undergo a 21-day quarantine.

Everyone will be tested every day, and all covid19 protocols should be followed at all times if necessary.

“Hotels, transportation, accommodation, as well as our science and technology-led Winter Olympics projects are all ready.” Said Zhao Weidong, Head, Olympic Organisation Committee’s Media Department.

Wang Yanling, Operation Manager at Capital Airport, said, “Suppose these people are carrying large luggage, such as bobsleighs, sleds, or other sports equipment, they can hand them over to our logistics team here, who will deliver the equipment directly to venues or waxing rooms.”

Regarding rules at the airport, passengers are certainly subjected to temperature checks and Coronavirus tests, but they can directly go to the village without having to wait for the results.

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