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Beaches, Restaurants, and public places to stay shut as there has been a rise of coronavirus case

Due to a sudden spike in Coronavirus cases in the state of Maharashtra, the government has announced another lockdown.

This time, a stricter lockdown has been announced and in particular to the city of Mumbai where over 11,000 infections were recorded in a single day.

The state’s Break the Chain rules have been implemented till April 30 and this includes a set of rules and a night curfew. According to the lockdown rules, a weekend curfew to be imposed, and another set of weekday restrictions to be announced soon.

Under new restrictions:

  1. All theaters, restaurants, multiplexes remain shut.
  2. Complete lockdown on weekends.
  3. All public, private transportation won’t be stopped, however, there will not be any standing passengers. Only 2 persons will be allowed in an autorickshaw.
  4. Section 144 to be imposed on day and night.
  5. Without any valid reason, one cannot step out of the house from 8 pm to 7 am.
  6. Beaches, Parks, and other public places to stay shut during night curfew.
  7. Malls, theatres, multiplexes, swimming pools, gym to remain shut until April 30.
  8. All religious and worship spots to shut down for visitors, only priests and staff will be allowed.
  9. Restaurants will be allowed for takeaway and parcels between 7 AM to 8 PM.

The government also announced that residential and societies with 5 or more people who are tested positive to be declared as containment zone.

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