Asian countries that is open for travel post coronavirus lockdown

With tourism slightly gaining for travellers, many people still are double checking of rules and regulations that are required to travel. However, as Asian countries are known for cheap travel and budget living, also you can experience luxury without burning hole in your pocket, here are some of the countries that are open to tourists post pandemic.

  1. TaiwanOne of the first countries to close its border from China and an immediate neighbour of China, Taiwan is now open to tourists. However, travellers entering Taiwan should seek special entry permissions for reasons beyond normal tourism and social visits and people will be granted passes if their coronavirus report shows negative. The test should be conducted within 3 days of boarding the flight and also all incoming travellers should quarantine for next 14 days.
  2. ChinaAlthough China is not yet open for all tourists, it is planning to  accept tourists from Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan while the authorities are planning to establish travel bubbles with these nations
  3. ThailandThailand will be open to tourists from September onwards, however domestic tourism in Thailand has already began domestic tourism. But flights to international tourists is said to start from September 1 onwards, but it comes with mandatory rules to be followed before and after entering the country.
  4. PhilippinesForeign nationals can enter the beautiful Island destinations of Philippines however, they can enter if they have 1 Filipino family member. Once entered they need to quarantine for 14 days  and later can explore the nation.
  5. IndiaIndia has been allowing foreign nationals who are OCI card holders, Indian nationals  who are stuck abroad with Vande Bharat Mission etc. Also, under travel bubble rules, the aviation ministry recently announced that India is considering to start travel bubble with the USA, France, Maldives which is on the path of starting tourism.
  6. MaldivesMaldives opened to tourism from July 15, however, they need to stay at one resort for their entire duration and they need to fill self-declaration form on arrival.
  7. Turkey Turkey opened its hotels, restaurants and museums on June 1 and it lifted the travel restrictions mid June and is said to be one of the first countries that lifted travel for international tourism. Tourists entering turkey need to undergo Thermal screening and can take coronavirus test for $17.
  8. Uzbekistan
  9. Cambodia
    is one of the popular SE Asian destination is open to tourism, however, one needs to deposit $3000 while entering the nation as the amount will cover coronavirus test, quarantine charges, treatment charges and also burial charge if a patient passes away. If the test report comes negative, the patient needs to undergo self-quarantine for 14 days.10) BaliOne of the popular SE Asian destination Bali is open for domestic tourism and is planning to open to International tourism from September 11 onwards. With rules and regulations that are mandatory to be followed by tourists, Bali will reopen under the ‘New Era of Life Order Protocol’
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