As covid surges once again the Czech Republic imposes new restrictions.

The Czech Republic has imposed several new restrictions to contain the spread of covid19 in the country. As per the reports, the infections have reached the same level as it was being reported in the month of April.

As per the new measures, face coverings will be made mandatory and from November 1, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs will need to check if their guests are fully vaccinated, or have the required proof that they have recovered from the virus or tested negative.

Reportedly, the government has also decided to limit the time where the negative reports are deemed valid. The National Health Insurance will now on, will not cost the costs of COVID tests for non-medical purposes, such as visiting restaurants or travelling, in a move to push more and more people to get vaccinated.

Reportedly, the rise of infection in the Czech Republic has reached new heights of 3246 cases which are more than double the rise seen over a week ago. The said number was the highest number since April 20, as per the Health Ministry.

The surge of covid infections has further been accompanied by an increasing number of people being hospitalised. Reports suggest that the Czech Republic has been one of the hardest European Union’s countries in the pandemic.

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