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Annual #Aamostav Festival in Samaroh is a Ritual you cant Miss !!!

Samaroh – Celebrating Indian Cuisine, lets you feel the same as soon as you step in there. The restaurant specializes in serving the rich diversity and food culture from across the country and presenting the same in a 7-course meal. You are guaranteed to leave with a smile and a great dining experience. Located at Lavelle Road, Samaroh has a beautiful and welcoming ambiance. The entire staff is courteous, polite and attentive to every requirement on the table. The smile on their face and the hospitality were a delightful experience.

The incipience of summers brings with it sheer exuberance with Mangoes galore. As the temperatures rise, the premier vegetarian thali restaurant gives you a reason to celebrate the most delicate part of this season – Mangoes! The presentation and serving of food in Kansa cutlery was a pleasant treat to the eyes. Overall, every food items were made to the perfection. A detailed description of the Aamostav food is as below:
1st Course – The 7-course meal began with a sweet note – Dry Boondi. That’s how samaroh believe in welcoming their guests. The sweetness was perfect, and the Dry Boondi was freshly made. It was a heavenly spread of the flavor is sure to inspire our taste buds.


2nd Course – The Shorba (Soup) served with a Keri Tomato Shorba and Heera Namkeen. Another delicious course, to increase your appetite.3rd Course – Five types of appetizers served on a platter. Special mention of Paneer and Tikki where I couldn’t stop myself to ask for more. Keri Panna, Cheese Panner Tikka, Keri Vegetable Seek, Surti Plaza and Veg Keri Tikki.

4th Course – The next course had a chaat, Keri Mirchiwada Chaat. I liked  the presentation and the flavours.

5th Course – As I moved to the 5th course Mukhya Bhojor Main Course of Aamostav. The grand display of the items on the plate was a treat to the eyes. From Masala Chhas to Dal Fry, Paneer Dilkhush to Palak Methi Corn, Aam Ki Launji to Aloo Mutter increases a spirited twist to your taste buds. Aam Ras was a delicious pulp of mangoes made in every Gujarati’s home during the mango season. Traditionally aam ras is served with puri aka aam ras puri. Don’t Miss, Heavenly feeling!6th Course – Next course had a Roti and Rice. The Thali had 2 varieties of Roti (Tandoori Roti and Phulka Roti). Keri Veg Pulao, Curd Rice, and Steam Ricewere marvelous. This was indeed a delightful experience for the taste buds.7th Course – And here comes the desserts platter with 4 varieties of them. Mango Sandesh was the showstopper, and it was delicious. Kurmuri Jalebi dessert was the highlight – absolutely top notch. Corn Halwa, the special was nothing less. Angori Rabdi added more taste to the palate, and I loved it.

The best way to end a stupendous, fantabulously, fantastic meal is by Maghai Paanki Jodi. Loved the experience!

Had a great time and I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking out for a great and lavish Thali. From preparation to presentation and taste everything makes a reason to visit Samaroh. A truly invigorating food experience!

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