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Angkor Wat Temple complex closed due to the rising number of coronavirus cases.

As countries across the world are suffering from the pandemic, and many nations entering into the second wave of coronavirus, the country of Cambodia is also feeling the heat. With rising coronavirus cases, the nation has now decided to temporarily close the famous Angkor Wat temple complex which is one of the important tourist locations.

The Cambodian government has taken further measures due to the second wave of coronavirus cases that has been rising since February and according to the agency responsible for overseeing the temple complex,  Apsara Authority, this decision of closing the complex is made to curb the rising coronavirus cases.

One of the important temples in Cambodia, Angkor Wat is visited by millions of tourists both domestic and international. The temple complex will be closed until April 20, 2021.

This new decision means that although international tourists can enter the country, they won’t be allowed entry into the temple complex until April 21, 2021. According to the Health Ministry of Cambodia, the nation saw 113 new cases where the incident has been traced where a foreigner has visited a nightclub in February, thus breaking quarantine rule.

As an international traveler, one has to mandatorily quarantine once they visit Cambodia to roam around freely.

The government of Cambodia has ordered 2-week closure of schools, movie theatres, entertainment venues, bars, and nightclubs in the Capital. Furthermore, schools, gyms, concert halls, gathering places, and museums were also closed in the rest of the country. April also saw two weeks of night curfew from 8 Pm to 5 am.

Any violations that will happen according to the rules will be treated with criminal punishments, this also applies where people who do not follow social distancing and people who do not wear the mask in public places.

Cambodia Destination
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Cambodia Destination
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