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Amid the Rise in Omicron cases, Malaysia set new rules for travel

Malaysia has announced a new set of rules for travel in view of the rise of Omicron Cases. The country has decided to go ahead and ban the mass gatherings and also make booster doses compulsory for high-risk groups. This new set of rules was said in a statement by Malaysia’s Health Minister Janaluddin.

He also spoke saying the authorities are also working to verify 18-more suspected cases of the variant. 

The country’s first case of Omicron was detected earlier this month by a traveller from South Africa. The country has now decided to ban mass gatherings and on the other hand, people attending private New Year and Christmas parties should get covid-19 tested before going to the party.

People aged over 60 and adults who have received the Sinovac vaccine should get their booster dose done before February. This will ensure that the vaccine status remains fully vaccinated. 

Singapore also has gone ahead to follow a similar policy and the researchers have urged people to take 3rd dose of vaccine and according to the result, Sinovac and BioNTech vaccines are helpful against the Omicron variant. 

9 countries have been marked as high-risk countries which include countries such as India, USA, Britain, Australia and foreign travellers from eight countries including South Africa has been banned. Arrival from High-risk countries includes mandatory quarantine and digital tracking device fitted on the travellers.

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