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Amid rising cases of covid-19, Tibetian side of Mount Everest

Amid the rising number of Covid-19 cases in Nepal, the Tibetian side of Mount Everest has been shut down by China. Hence, mountaineers who want to climb the tallest mountain in the world cannot access the mountain via Tibetian Side over the virus outbreak.

As per the reports, Nepal has been recording over 9000 cases daily and the cases are increasing daily. The positivity rate of Covid-19 cases in Nepal is touching 45% and according to the latest reports, hikers who returned from Everest Base Camp are reported to have tested positive for Coronavirus.

This year, Nepal had issued around 408 climbing passes who are accompanied by 1000+ Sherpas and staff who had been stationed at Everest Base Camp since April. Given the current situation, climbing mount Everest seems to be difficult.

Speaking about this, Nepalese mountaineering officials have said that there are no active cases in the Base Camp. Most climbing teams had halted there due to bad weather.

Mount Everest has been one of the famous attractions for climbers from all over the world. Every year highly experienced mountaineers would register to ascend the world’s tallest mountain which has two paths to climb. One from the country of Nepal and the other from Tibet.

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Destination Nepal
Mount Everest set to reopen for first time post-pandemic
Destination Nepal
Mount Everest set to reopen for first time post-pandemic
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