All the kinds of Rides at Tokyo Disneyland – Part 2

Continuing the details of Rides& Attractions at Tokyo Disneyland, we will tell you some of the attractions that are present in Disneyland and the same which we are yet to cover apart from FastPass attractions and Part 1 of Rides at Tokyo Disneyland.


1. Alice’s Tea Party:

Take a 1.5-minute rotating ride sitting on a teacup at Alice’s Tea Party located in Fantasyland. You can even change the speed and direction of the cup by turning the wheel at the center. Also, you can notice Dormouse peeking out from the huge teapot which is right at the center. The ride is not suitable for expected mothers and people who feel dizzy.

2. “it’s a small world“:

It’s a 10-minute ride where you notice children’s singing “it’s a small world” which is a cruise along Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America. One of the happiest cruises, you would experience many of Disney characters here. The ride is suitable for all people, however, people who are afraid of water can check before you take the ride.

3. Castle Carrousel:

Unfold the Disney’s classic film, Cinderella here at Castle Carrousel where you ride the horses with colourful tapping. You can also ride the white horse where you feel like Cinderella or the Prince. A carousel is a structure where you remain in the seated position and the machine rotates circularly. The ride is not suitable for people who feel dizzy, who cannot maintain a stable seated position and expected mothers. The duration of the carrousel is 2 minutes.

4. Snow White’s Adventure:
Ride in a deep, dark forest where you get to meet 7 dwarfs, the witch and snow white. You can notice the witch providing Snow White with a poisoned apple, and by taking the ride you get to notice what happens to Snow White. The duration of the ride is 2.5 minutes and people who are afraid of dark, lighting can check and take on this ride.
All the kinds of Rides at Tokyo Disneyland – Part 2

5. Cinderella’s fairy tale:
Explore the castle of Cinderella and Prince Charming where Cinderella tells the story of how she magically became a princess. Guests can wander through the castle noticing the diorama, paintings and other artworks which tells the story of Cinderella. There is no time limit for this attraction.
All the kinds of Rides at Tokyo Disneyland – Part 2

6. Dumbo The Flying Elephant:
Taken from the Disney movie, Dumbo this attraction is based on the small elephant which can fly. This circus elephant is guided by Timothy Q. Mouse who will make sure you experience a time of your life. Guests who cannot maintain a stable seating position and people who are afraid of height need to check before boarding this attraction.
All the kinds of Rides at Tokyo Disneyland – Part 2

7. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey:
Explore the journey of Pinocchio where you get to know how the daring little boy who was once a wooden puppet has been retold here. You can take a 2-minute journey in a car which can board 4 people per vehicle and go through a tunnel where you see characters of Pinocchio. Guests who are afraid of dark, who cannot maintain stable seating position do kindly check before visiting.
All the kinds of Rides at Tokyo Disneyland – Part 2

8. Mickey’s Philhar Magic:
Enjoy a 3D movie from Disney’s famous character, Mickey Mouse and his friends Donald Duck where they are in a concert and Donald Duck makes this concert take a surprising turn. You can notice some exhilarating experiences that make you feel that you are a part of the concert. The duration of the show is 11 minute and 454 people can sit in the theatre.
All the kinds of Rides at Tokyo Disneyland – Part 2


1. Gadget’s Go Coaster:
The roller coaster might be small, but it packs all the necessary adrenaline where you go through rock face, twists, turns pass above Toon Lake, splash in the lake and bring on the fun. The guests who cannot meet the height requirement of 90cm cannot ride, also expected mothers, people with high blood pressure, heart, neck and back problems should not ride. Guests who cannot maintain a stable seated position would not be allowed as this ride has a twist and turns included. The duration of the coaster ride is 1 minute and 16 people can board a coaster per ride.

Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House:
Create a colourful house for Goofy by playing an interactive paint using Toontone Splat Master. The tool here is easy to use where you need to point the tool where you want to paint and activate the tool. The duration of this is 1.5 minutes where you get an option to paint the wall and redecorate Goofy’s place.

Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse:
Explore the oak tree where the prankster chipmunks, Chip and Dale live. An oak tree is a place that they have selected because it gives them acorns. Guests can visit the big oak tree and explore how Chip and Dale have been living and made the tree as their home.

Toon Park:
Stuated at the entrance of Toon town, Toon Park is a place where little children can play where Mickey, the artist has created the park keeping little ones in his mind. The park has many soft sculptures where the children can climb, crawl and enjoy the time spent here. This is the place where the parents can rest for some time while their children enjoy playing with animals.

Donald’s Boat:
A stationary boat situated in Toon Lake, Donald’s Boat named Miss Daisy. Here you can explore the boat, make the horn honk, turn on the lamps and sail across toon lake. There is no time limit and guests can enjoy as much time as they want.

Minnie’s House:
Explore the beautiful purple house of Minnie Mouse where you get to see all the photograph’s of Mickey, Minnie. Minnie Mouse loves to cook and bake and when you visit the kitchen, you might notice something fun when you touch oven and dishwasher.

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin:
Hop on to the cab and take a spin across Toontown’s streets and back alleys. You need to be careful as villainous weasels try to erase Roger Rabbit with their dips, hence you always need to keep an eye on weasels. The cab can occupy 2 people and the ride takes around 3.5 minutes. Guests who cannot maintain a stable seating position are advised not to take this ride.

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