All the kinds of Rides at Tokyo Disneyland – Part 1

Availed in Tokyo Disneyland. However, we also mentioned that out of 37 only 8 are fit for FastPass attractions. This article we cover the rides and attractions that do not fall into FastPass attractions category, however the same will be available when you enter the park.

Rides here we categorize based on the theme area.

World Bazaar

What better way to get to know around a park easily and within a limited time, it’s by the use of any transportation. Omnibus is one such way where you can take a quick tour all around the park to know the theme area present here. Omnibus is a type of bus that was very popular in New York City during the last century. Hop to one of the Omnibus presents here and take a 6-minute tour which has a capacity of 33 persons and get a tantalizing experience of all other theme parks present here at Tokyo Disneyland. There are no height or age restrictions for this and this can be enjoyed by all people of all ages.

Penny Arcade:
Go to the age where you notice many arcade games being played at a station. If you had watched Stranger Things or any other 80’s, 90’s show you would know how fun it would have been to have an arcade machine where you could have played many games. Experience this in Penny Arcade where there are around20 such gaming machines. These are coin-operated, hence we suggest you to get some local currency so that you can play the game.


Western River Railroad:
Climb on the original steam train for the trip across Adventureland, Westernland and Critter Country. Go through the dark jungles/tunnels, pass down a bridge, see a settlement and enjoy a train ride across some of these theme areas in Tokyo Disneyland. The duration of the ride is 15 minutes and around 140 people can board the train at once.

Pirates of the Caribbean:
This is a thrill/adventure ride with loud sounds and darkness where you set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow. The theme of the Pirates of the Caribbean goes with a movie of the same name, which is from Disney Pictures. In this, you go across a ride in a boat and you notice pirates, shooting cannonballs, shouting and you see many of them trying to wage a pirate war. This is one adventure ride which never disappoints you every time you visit. The duration of the ride is around 15 minutes and the boat can occupy around 15 people. The ride is not suitable for people who are afraid of darkness, loud sounds and expected mothers.

Jungle Cruise; Wildlife Expeditions:
Take 10 minutes to ride via a boat where you need to be brave and face wildlife such as elephants, crocodiles, lions and other wild creatures here at Jungle Cruise. Every time you pass a section, a mysterious and fun thing awaits you. You can also board night-time cruise where you will notice many mystics and thrilling creatures as the atmosphere is during night time.

Swiss Family Treehouse:
Based on a Disney movie, Swiss Family Robinson. Swiss Family Treehouse is a towering treehouse that has been recreated here. You can witness how the Robinson Family lived in a home towering 19 meters high. The duration to explore is around 8 minutes. People with a fear of height can skip this one.

The Enchanted Tiki Room; Stitch presents “Aloha E Komo Mai!”:
An exciting show where you will be enjoying noticing Hawaiian Birds, then the mischievous Stitch appears out of nowhere. Join the live show that gets Tiki involved with the guests. This is a theatre type attraction which goes through the darkness and the show duration is 8 minutes where 318 people can be seated per show.


Westernland Shootin’ Gallery:
Try your skill in sharpshooting where you get a chance to fire a shot in front of Deputy. A scorecard will be provided by Goofy for every shot that is fired by you. The rifles provided here is Winchester rifle. For a perfect 10 score, you will get a silver badge and when the shot hits lucky you will get a gold badge. You need to pay 200 yen for 10 shots.

Country Bear Theatre:
Enjoy the music by 18 humorous bears here at Country Bear Theatre where the bears perform country music. Their coordinated singing and fun make this show a perfect way to enjoy the time spent here. Typically the show will be around 15-18 minutes however, it depends on the show and the season when it is performed. The theatre can accommodate around 306 people per show.

Mark Twain Riverboat:
Board the Mark twain riverboat which is 3 deck luxury cruise where the boat is steam-powered and you go on a cruise around the Rivers of America. You pass through civilizations, waterfall, tribes etc. During the night time, the cruise will get romantic. The duration of the cruise is 12 minutes and the capacity of the boat is around 475 people.

Tom Sawyer Island Rafts:
Board the log raft and make a trip to Tom Sawyer Island which is right in the middle of Rivers of America. At the island, you can enjoy Injun Joe’s Cave, Huckleberry Swamp, Tom Sawyer’s Treehouse, and more!. The raft can accommodate 55 people and the ride takes around 1.5-3 minutes. People who are hydrophobic can check before you board the raft.

Critter Country

Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes:
Join the padding crew along with other guests where you pad the canoes across Rivers of America. Pass across many civilizations, waterfall, mangroves and join the other padders for a fun-filled ride and don’t just be tired of padding. The canoe can occupy around 16 people and the ride takes around 10 minutes. People whose legs cannot reach the floor of canoe and guests who have fear of water bodies can skip this ride.


Stitch Encounter:
This is a theatre kind of attraction where a theatre can accommodate 189 people for a 12-minute show. Guests visiting Stitch Encounter can visit Stitch Monitoring Station where you can communicate with Stitch in real-time over the theatre large screen. This is a family entertaining performance where you and your family will enjoy the mischievous Stitch.

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