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Akasa Air will let you fly to destinations with your pets

The newest airline in the aviation Industry of India is taking steps to win praise from pet parents.

As per the newest information, Akasa Air has announced that it will let passengers bring along ‘domesticated dogs and cats on their flights from November 01, 2022, onwards.

This policy is a reflection of the airline’s “commitment to creating an inclusive travel experience,” says co-founder and CMO, Belson Coutinho.

Akasa Air will be the second such airline in India that permits pets on board, Air India being the first.

However, this new policy will come with a set of rules which include:

  1. If your pet is below 7 kg, it can travel in the aircraft cabin. Those between 7-32kg must be checked in at the counter after passing through security.
  2. A pet heavier than 32kg needs to be sent via the cargo terminal.
  3. The weight criteria also include the weight of the container in which the animal is kept during the course of the flight.
  4. A valid health certificate, rabies vaccination, licence and other certifications should be shown before the pet boarding.
  5. Pet bookings open on 15 October 2022, for flights starting 1 November 2022.
  6. Currently, only two pets will be allowed per flight—one each in the cabin and cargo hold.

Other airlines like AirAsia, Vistara, SpiceJet and IndiGo don’t allow pets on their flights though exceptions are made for service animals for differently-abled individuals.

This is a welcome move as pet owners are always in dilemma on how to carry their pets while travelling. As of now, the only available options to travel with pets are by road, by train, and by Air India’s very limited options.

The know-how of the whole process will be shared by the airline post-discussion with the guidance along with NGOs.

The airline has enlisted the help of the NGO, Umeed for Animals Foundation, to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience for all.

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