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Airlines can now operate 85% of pre-covid flights

Depending on the current situation, the Indian aviation ministry has said that the airlines can now operate a maximum of 85% of the pre-covid domestic flights. Earlier the numbers were capped to 72.5% which has now been extended to 85%.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation said on Saturday that the airlines were not operating to their capacity due to the spread of highly contagious coronavirus and an order had been passed to operate up to 72.5% until further information.

Only 65% of capacity was allowed to operate from July 05 to August 12 this year which was 50% between June 01 to July 05. With the latest information on a number of covid cases, the ministry has issued a new order on modifying the operational percentage.

“In view of the sudden surge in the number of active COVID-19 cases across the country, decrease in passenger traffic and the passenger load (occupancy rate) factor.” Said the ministry informed about the decision.

After the flights were allowed in May 2020 after a break of 2 months of lockdown, the ministry had allowed operating just 33% of their pre-covid domestic services. The percentage was increased to 80% when covid cases had declined in the month of December 2020 however as cases started to rise once again, the occupancy percentage was decreased.

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