Airlines ask WHO for quarantine free travel

The airline industry has asked World Health Organization (WHO) to rule that it is safe to travel without quarantine once they have had coronavirus vaccine.

An acknowledgment of the principal from the United Nations agency is important for a digital-travel pass aimed at getting people moving again once infection rates ease said IATA.

“We can say whatever we want, what we do need is for the WHO to come out and say the same thing so that it becomes a universal acceptance that once you’re vaccinated you should not have to go through any of these hoops,” said Nick Careen who is a senior vice president at International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The development of common standards for vaccine certificates, a key aspect where IATA has proposed the Travel Pass smartphone app which needs to move faster. The IATA mobile application can also store a negative test result and is due to be launched in the month of March.

“We have been suggesting this for months,” said Nick where he also continued “The WHO needs a fire lit underneath it to get this done sooner rather than later. Even then, there’s no guarantee that every government will adopt the standard right away.”

The WHO’s emergency committee doesn’t recommend countries to demand proof of vaccination for incoming travelers as the impact of reduced transmission is still unknown. This information was said by an agency on January 15 and the nations should implement co-ordinated evidence-based measures for safe travel.

The aviation industry, in particular, has incurred huge losses and they are appealing to the governments and global institutions to work together in a unified way to ease passage across borders. With lack of consistency, most people have put off making journeys which thus has left companies in bleak prospects.

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