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Airfares are expected to drop by 40% in the coming months

After the Government of India’s decision to increase the number of flights and restart regular travel flights to and from international destinations from March 27th onwards, Industry experts believe that the airfares will soon drop around 40%.

As of now, International travel is soon picking up after 2 years of lockdown and restrictions and Airlines across the world are now increasing the flights thus expecting international travel to be picked up.

With this information, many airline fleets such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines will soon increase flights internationally. Domestic airline IndiGo is also expecting to increase their flights with over 100 global flights within the next few months.

Under the air travel bubble, India has been operating flights with select countries however, general and leisure travel were banned. With this, airfares have seen a steep increase in price due to difficulty in reaching the destinations and also to be compliant with countries’ covid19 rules and regulations.

Industry experts are of the view that by suspending regular international flights, we have a demand-supply imbalance at hand. Now with airlines going back to normal, air ticket prices are set to decrease.

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