AirAsia Blogger’s Community 2016

Hello! Welcome to #MacroTraveller! Today, I’m sharing my experience of AirAsia Blogger’s Community! Yes, #AABC celebrated its 3rd Anniversary last November in Jakarta. Supremely, at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Cikini, Jakarta. I was so glad to be invited to join the community. #MacroTraveller Nivedith (myself) and my friend Hrish Thota was there representing India!

AirAsia Blogger’s Community (AABC)

AABC is an annual event held by AirAsia. Every year, AABC will celebrate in a different country. If the first year anniversary of AABC took place in Kuala Lumpur, the second year in Bangkok. Well, this time the third anniversary of AABC was held in INDONESIA (Jakarta).

AirAsia Bloggers Community has existed since 2013. The primary motive is to bring the best bloggers, vloggers, influencers from countries where AirAsia operates: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, China, India Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 48 Travel Bloggers from 12 Countries, rejoicing love of the trip and exploring a brand-new destination!

Let the Celebration Begins! Depart: Bengaluru – Arrival: Bangkok

Arrived at AirAsia Regional Headquarter in Bangkok! Friday, 11 November 2016

Challenge 1: Travel Great with AirAsia Challenge!

In the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of #AABC, the participants are required to solve all the challenges given. The first challenge is to make a video post to Instagram with Travel theme Great with AirAsia. This trial presented on 11 November 2016, or It was the day before the event #AABC 3rd Anniversary Bash starts. We clicked lots of photos in AirAsia’s Bangkok HQ.



Challenge 1 had the time limit: Before checking-in at the Hotel.

Departure from Bangkok to Jakarta, Indonesia! Our flight was looking beautiful outside and inside. Check out these pictures below.

For vegetarians, there isnt much options available but still the airhostess were helpful and i ordered this.


Arrived at Jakarta International Airport!

Simultaneous after reaching the airport, we were each given a SIM card so we could stay connected 24/7. Freedom Combo!

Reaching our Hotel – DoubleTree!

Exactly at the Doubletree by Hilton, Cikini. DT is a 5-star hotel, entertained us two nights. Meet a lot of people there, from different countries. Bloggers were too friendly, greet us with the smile.


The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel – Marvelous!

We were placed in the Double Tree by Hilton hotel during our stay in Jakarta. spacious room, tidy and comfortable bed and fragile white sheets, I enjoyed my stay in the deluxe and luxurious hotel.

Surplus, rather than welcome drink, DoubleTree by Hilton served us with their signature cookies, which are lip-smackingly satisfying. We got pizza as well to relish the movement. Considerably good!

Challenge 2: DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro Challenge

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Moment with DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro. I should be posting photos on Instagram with chocolate chip cookies being welcome different food throughout the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chain.


Registration for Welcome dinner at OPEN Terrace, DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro.


AirAsia’s Gala Dinner – Time to Eat

Not just a regular meal. That evening, the menu served for dinner is foods taste of SANTAN representing ASEAN countries, which packaged as an in-flight meal. Starting from Nasi Padang, Nasi Kuning Manado (Indonesia), Pad Thai, Sticky Rice with Mango (Thailand), Nasi Kerabu (Malaysia), Purani Dili Ke Raseele Rajma with Jeera Rice, Cheese Omelete, Lyonnaise Potatoes and Chicken Tikka (India).



Challenge 3 is an Instagram photo Post about SANTAN meals during AABC Welcome Dinner, then, of course, I choose to portray these foods first.


Although I don’t perceive to talk to everyone, it was nice to meet all bloggers. After our dinner, they divided us into nine teams for our AirAsia Fun Race challenge for the next day.


In and around DoubleTree Hotel on Rainy Day! Outstanding Hotel!


AirAsia’s Fun Race – Have fun while Exploring Old Town!


In the Team Challenge – AirAsia Fun Race there are six Chanllenges, namely;

(1) Post Instagram photos with one of the public transportation in Jakarta.


(2) Post Instagram photos with one of the famous landmarks of the Old City.


(3) Post Instagram photos with puppets.


(4) Post photos with street performers.


(5) Post Instagram photos with Indonesian food.

(6) Post Instagram video on our team in kegiaran AirAsia’s Fun Race.

I Spent Quality of Time with My Team! Nearby Attractions!

“Parade” at the National Costume Gala Dinner!

The weekend was almost over. That is, gathering entertaining #AABC2016 also almost completed. In closing, Gala Dinner was at DoubleTree by Hilton with traditional dress dress code. The bloggers should wear national dress of each country.


In Gala Dinner, AirAsia also announced winners for the various challenges that have been done since the Day 1 #AABC2016. Challenge 1, Travel Great with AirAsia, won by Lazy Ivy (Taiwan). For Challenge 2 winner #cookiemomentjkt supported by DoubleTree by Hilton is Wira Nurmansyah (Indonesia). Winners Challenge 3 #AirAsiaSantanCombo is Baharudin Bin Che Wil from Malaysia.



The winner of #AABC Fun Race Challenge – #TEAMBETAWI. Hrish Thota’s team won! Happy for him 🙂



It’s the most fitting way to close the weekend. #AABC2016 AirAsia Bloggers’ Community 3rd Anniversary finished.

Reportedly, this year (2017), AirAsia Bloggers’ Community will be held in India.

Thanks, AirAsia! Remain on the air! Remains the airline we choose always. Success continues for you.

Excited to see#AABC 3rd Anniversary Party is on social media? Please search the hashtag #AABC2016, #MacroTraveller, #DhempeNivyTravels, #DhempeNivyInJava and #DhempeNivyXAirAsia!

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