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Air Mauritius is a flagship national carrier of the Island nation of Mauritius. The airline headquarters is situated in Port Louis and Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport acts as its main hub.

Founded in the year 1967 and started its first operation since 1972, Air Mauritius has grown exponentially. It currently operates to over 22 destinations and has a fleet size of 14. Air Mauritius has 10 subsidiaries and is a part of Vanilla Alliance. The alliance was formed to improve air connectivity within the Indian Ocean region by strengthening cooperation between the airlines of Indian Ocean Commission members. The current chairman of Air Mauritius is Arjoon Suddhoo and the current CEO of Air Mauritius is Somaskaran Appavou.

Set up in the year 1967, Air Mauritius has come a long way into up-gradation and developments. In 1967 it was set up as a joint venture Air France. It operated in conjunction with Air France, Air India and British Airways.  Air Mauritius in the year 1972 they went singular and started with a 6-seater flight which was leased from Air Madagascar. The following year it leased Vickers VC10 from British Airways and began their service for long haul flights. In successful years, the airline leased a couple more flights and began their long haul flights to various destinations

By 1980 the company began growing with services provided across various destinations such as Bombay, London, Nairobi, Réunion, Rodrigues, Rome and Tananarive. In concurrent years, the airline leased started a joint service and upgraded its fleet to various other destinations. In 1988, the airline took 2 Boeing jets which were financed by a group of banks and they started long haul flights from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Mauritius. By the year 1990, they had expanded the destination to various places such as Antananarivo, Bombay, Durban, Geneva, Harare, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London, Moroni, Munich, Nairobi, Paris, Reunion, Rodrigues, Rome, Singapore and Zurich etc.

The recent route added to the destinations that Air Mauritius serves in Singapore where they introduced direct flights from Mauritius to Singapore under Air Corridor name. Previously the route used to be transit at Kuala Lumpur. However in the year 2016, the same was changed to direct flight. Currently serving to 22 destinations out of which 3 are domestic Air Mauritius has grown exponentially since its inception.

Air Mauritius has a Frequent Flyer Programme named as Kestrelflyer. They offer Silver and Gold accounts.

Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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