This is probably the first time that a domestic passenger has complained about bed bugs on an Air India flight. A passenger traveling from Delhi to Bangalore alleged that bed bugs bit him.

Bed bugs are bad enough when they’re in your home. You certainly don’t expect to see them when you’re on an airplane. Air India has had multiple complaints from customers about bed bug sightings. Last year, a British Airways passenger tweeted a picture of the bites she suffered onboard a flight. In July, in two separate cases, Air India business class passengers on board its Newark to Mumbai flight had complained about bugs in the plane In July, in two separate incidents. Air India business class passengers on board its ultra-long-haul Newark to Mumbai flight had complained about bugs on its Boeing 777s.

What Happened in the Domestic Flight?

“I felt itchy and was scratching throughout the flight. I thought there were mosquitoes on board. I didn’t realize that bed bugs bit me till I reached home and removed my shirt,” said Ravi Kumar, who boarded the 5.40 pm Air India flight from Delhi to Bengaluru on October 17, reported The Times of India.

He said that even though he was uncomfortable, he didn’t complain to the cabin crew because at that time he did not realize that bed bugs were biting him. After coming back home, his daughter clicked a picture of his back and tweeted the same to the airline.

It is quite disappointing to see our state-run airline being so remiss regarding the passengers’ health and safety if the allegations are true. One can only imagine how horrific it would’ve been for the passengers to find bed bugs aboard after paying hefty amounts as flight fare.

With Air India, I have heard it all now – equipment failures, pilot fights, mosquitos, food poisoning, broken infotainment systems, and yes, being bitten from bed bugs.

This is what Air India replies!

#FlyAI: #AirIndia affirms that no bedbugs were found after thorough checking of seats & laundry facilities & fumigation of aircraft following bug bite complaints in some flights.

These unfortunate reports are the first of its kind in our legacy of flying generations of satisfied passengers.

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