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Agra Fort, Another marvel other than Taj Mahal

The Agra Fort or Red Fort in Agra is definitely the second must see after going through the marvel of the Taj Mahal. Just before passing into one of the largest Maharajah palaces in all of India, we are struck by an imposing wall of several meters high made of red sandstone that served as protection for this walled palace.Agra Fort was built in 1573 by Mughal Emperor Akbar. This walled castle is the largest fortress in India. Here lived and ruled the great emperors of the Mongol Empire. And since 1983 UNESCO declared it World Heritage of Humanity. Agra Fort is a unique and fascinating place, full of legends and details that will make visiting it an unforgettable experience.The first thing to note about Agra Fort is its red color, thanks to the elaboration of many of its zones and especially to the wall of 2.5 kilometers in diameter by 20 meters of height, where the primary element was the Red sandstone, the reason for which this fortress is known as the red fort.The interior of the Agra fort offers the prestigious imprint of the Mughal Empire through a significant architectural and historical legacy in the form of palaces and stately buildings.It is noteworthy as a curious fact that the Agra Fort was built under the command of the Mughal emperor, Akbar grandfather of the creator of the Taj Mahal, Shan Jahan, who also contributed to the elaboration of the red fort, in its most complicated phases.Inside the Agra Fort, we find an incredible set of palaces and several stately buildings in which they present different architectural styles. This beauty undoubtedly surprises the most demanding traveler who will move to other eras.One of the many magnificent buildings worth checking out is the Khas Mahal; a huge white marble room filled with ornate columns and carefully painted ceilings that invite tranquility and relaxation.In Agra Fort, we find a lot of details in the doors, ceilings, walls, columns that it is obligatory to stop to see and to appreciate the art of the many anonymous craftsmen that enjoy doing this great work of art.Something that is obligatory to do inside the Agra Fort is to peer through the ocher stones and enjoy the vegetation and the views that surround this place without forgetting the rear view of the famous Taj Mahal.Just before the end of our visit, we will find one of the unique areas of Agra Fort where we will discover the limits of the fort. In this place, everything returns to be ocher in color, and the noblest touch of the former palaces is now a grand and much decorated stone wall that gives us farewell in this incredible place.

Agra Destination India Uttar Pradesh
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Agra Destination India Uttar Pradesh
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