After a gap of 5 long years, this museum in Paris, France is all set to reopen.

The museum in Paris, France, Musee Carnavalet which was established in the year 1888 is all set to reopen after a long gap of 5 years. The museum is back into the limelight after it had 55 million Euros in the makeover. The museum is known for its exhibits of the history of Paris and is housed in 2 old buildings. As France is now considering reopening its borders and welcoming tourists from other countries, the museum authorities have decided to reopen the gates on May 29, 2021.

Visitors to this museum will be amazed by the amalgamations of art and artifacts present in this museum which are all connected to the history of the city.

The city which has been in the popular culture for long has a rich history too. Musee Carnavalet was a single hotel building that was bought by The City of Paris in the year 1866 and it housed archaeological finds and items donated by the public. But the donations and archaeological finds quadrupled that in the 1960s, an adjacent hotel near to Carnavalet had to be attached and was made a museum.

Previous to the renovation, Musee Carnavalet had a chaotic arrangement and the museum director said “The renovation allowed us to rethink the pathway from start to finish, in chronological order,” Valérie Guillaume, Museum director said after renovation.

The renovated museum allows visitors to explore the superb collection of shops, building signs, and artifacts spanning four centuries. It has been renovated where it now has enough space to accommodate its ever-growing collection. It has been redesigned in such a way that sunlight enters and the basement has been redesigned and has collections from the Mesolithic era to the Renaissance period.

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