Act Fibernet experience

With ever fast pacing lifestyle which we are experiencing day by day, we are in need of everything going fast. If you would have remembered during old times, we used to get a speed of internet in bites and kilobits users now need fast internet speeds and thus now we are getting speed in MB and GB per second.

With growing speed and growing technology, users are getting many options and the ISP are getting competitive yearly. Thus in the race against speed, we recently noticed ISP such as Reliance getting into this market and providing you with amazing speed, mobile networks getting competitive regarding the speed that their network provides.

Keeping up with this market, one company has made its name in India by providing unmatchable speeds and keeping up with the current trends in the market is ACT Fibernet. ACT is a company that was founded in Bangalore which offers fibre to home service and the company provides services in TamilNadu, Andra Pradesh, Telangana, Delhi, Gujarat and many more Indian cities.

One of the largest ISP in India, ACT has various plans that the users can choose, be it for residential or for commercial purpose.  I have been using ACT fibernet for quite a while now and I have no problems faced until now. When I have faced any issue, customer care was quick to respond and resolve the issue faced so that they won’t hamper my daily activities.

ACT provides the below Broadband Plans in Bangalore City.

  • Act Swift with Internet speed of 40MBPS and Monthly Data of 200GB (Upload+Download) at a price of 685.
  • Act Rapid Plus with an internet speed of 75 MBPS and monthly data of 350GB (Upload+Download) at Rs. 959.
  • Act Blaze with an internet speed of 100 MBPS and monthly data of 450GB (Upload+Download) at Rs 1059.
  • Act Storm with an internet speed of 150 MBPS and monthly data of 650GB (Upload+Download) at Rs 1159.
  • Act Lightning with an internet speed of 200 MBPS and monthly data of 800GB (Upload+Download) at Rs 1399.
  • Act Incredible with an internet speed of 250 MBPS and monthly data of 1000GB (Upload+Download) at Rs 1999.
  • Act Essential with an internet speed of 250 MBPS and monthly data of 1500GB (Upload+Download) at Rs 2999.
  • Act Advance with an internet speed of 250 MBPS and monthly data of 2000GB (Upload+Download) at Rs 3999.
  • Act Progress with an internet speed of 250 MBPS and monthly data of 2500GB (Upload+Download) at Rs 4999.

And finally

  • Act Giga with an internet speed of 1 GBPS and monthly data of 3500GB (Upload+Download) at Rs 5999.

I have been using Act Incredible plan and it provides me with the required speed for all my daily/monthly activities. The speed is incredible as they do not buffer while streaming video, quick upload and download which helps with my blogs and other stuff, thus I recommend you to trust with the services provided by ACT Fibernet Service.

ACT Fibernet Experience
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