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A Visit to Chinatown in Singapore

Singapore is a land of multi-culture, multi-ethnic and is one of the most preferred tourist places in South East Asia. This melting pot of culture Island nation is visited by all sects, ethnicities, races, etc and to make them feel like home, they do have specific tourist destination lanes where you would find items, food, and groceries which are available back at their home country. In this matter, Singapore attracts people who feel homesick or not visiting their home country and make them take their minds off that feeling by visiting their dedicated set of lanes. Hence, Singapore has a lane dedicated to items of India and Indian origin foods for which they named the place as Little India, the same goes on with the lane dedicated to China called China town.

Chinatown in Singapore is known for its temples, street hawker eateries, and temples. This tourist place in Singapore is visited by people who want to explore and know the history, food, and culture of China. The place is bustling with street art, decorations across the lane, the aroma of the food prepared live by the street hawkers, the hymn from temples and the buildings which are so picture perfect. People who visit Singapore must not miss visiting China town so that they can explore the culture.

Here are some of the places where you can explore whilst you are at Chinatown

1)  Chinatown Food Street: What better way to explore a place and culture than a portion of good scrumptiousfood, Chinatown Food Street is a place to go and here they sell various dishes from Chinese, Singaporean cuisine which are tasty. Here you can find local street food at Maxwell Food Center where they provide local delicacies and Chinese delicacies at budget-friendly prices and you should not miss to visit this place. Also, you would find a restaurant named Hawker Chan restaurant who is the first-ever Michelin Star street hawker place. Getting a place at Hawker Chan is difficult due to his popularity and the owner of this restaurant is planning to expand to Australia, Britain and more places to expand their quaint old place and food.

2)  Thian Hock Keng Temple: Pay a visit to Thian Hock Keng or Tianfu Temple which is built to worship the Chinese sea goddess, Mazu and is an oldest and important temple for the Hokkien sect of people in the country. Being one of the oldest temples in Singapore, Thian Hock Keng was gazetted as a national monument in 1973, located in Telok Ayer street-facing sea, this temple was built by Hokkiens who worshipped Mazu to allow them safe passage on their arrival to Singapore. An interesting fact about this temple is that the structure was built without using nails and you should admire the constriction where you can spend hours together exploring this national monument.

3)  Drama Box Theater Show: For a curious tourist who is eager to explore art and drama, then Drama Box Theater show is must visit. This theatre showcases the show where the main theme would be social awareness and a sense of civic responsibility among locals. One of the peak drama areas in Chinatown is almost always full and it is better to physically collect the ticket hours in advance. Located in Trengganu Street, Singapore Drama Box Theater show is open from 10:00 to 18:00 and the ticket price costs 23$.

4) Chinatown Heritage Center: This historical place is best for the people who want to know the history of China, how migrants came and settled in Singapore, the struggles faced by then immigrants, their lifestyle, etc. The history of Chinatown Heritage Center goes back to 1819-1820 where the Chinese people exploring came to Singapore and settled there and constructed buildings. You can notice the images/ artifacts kept over here that dates back ages. If you want to keep a memory of this place you can purchase a souvenir from the local designers at this shop.

5)  Chinese Street market:This place is for the people who would love to shop till they drop. This place is just like heaven for seasonal shoppers where you can purchase lucky cats to silk robes. If you love to bargain then you need can take your bargaining skill to expertise in this street. While you can bargain and purchase as many items to fill your shopping bags for you and your friends, meanwhile you can also try some delectable street food at this place.






Destination Singapore
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Destination Singapore
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