7 unforgettable fountains scattered around the world

Sculpture, urbanism, the movement of water, audiovisual shows or the most daring engineering from time to time generate sources that are truly incredible, some already historical and others loaded with modernity but undoubtedly impressive. Here is Mt’s ranking with the sources that if you see, you will not forget.

Fantastic fountains

  1. Trevi Fountain in Rome 

All the listings about spectacular sources should start with this one. And not only for its undoubted historical burden, but because it is a true symbol in a city where there are so many. The place par excellence where to throw coins, to return to see it. And above all, the place where the cinema gave us the famous scene of La Dolce Vita.

  1. The Manneken Pis in Brussels 

A very small sculpture of a child urinating becomes the emblem of a city as serious as Brussels. After the disappointment that always feels to discover its location and its size, comes after the admiration for being able to create school and get in the Belgian capital is forced to find other sculptures in the same physiological act, but now being a girl or a dog.

  1. The Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas 

And one last classic, that much more modern, but in a few decades has reached that range of classicism: the sources of the Bellagio Casino Hotel between the famous Las Vegas Strip and Flamingo Road. That is, in the heart of the city of sin — an immense fountain in the middle of the desert where every night an impressive audiovisual show is scheduled. If something summarizes what the city is, it is this source.

  1. Stravinsky Fountain in Paris Famous sources in the French capital are there, but we are going to stay for one of the liveliest: the Stravinsky fountain, opposite the Georges Pompidou Center. A work of the late twentieth century with moving figures whose sprinklers of water dance to the rhythm of the work of the modern Russian composer.
  1. Fountain of Alexander the Great in Skopje 

Another source that is a tribute, now much more nationalist, as it is constructed to praise the most famous Macedonian of all time: Alexander the Great, and yet many people may think he was of Greek origin. In short, a spectacular source but with a strong political charge in the new Macedonia.

  1. Dubai Fountains 

And from a show of patriotism to an example of economic waste, like any other architectural intervention or urbanism that has been done in the United Arab Emirates in recent years. Now to build the Dubai Fountains, considered the largest in the world with more than 6,000 lights, dozens of projects, tens of thousands of liters of water, a height of more than 150 meters, a width of almost 300, excess, excess and more excess.

  1. Vortex Fountain in Sunderland 

This fountain located in front of a hotel in Sunderland, Great Britain is the work of the architect and also sculptor William Pye and, despite its size compared to other works already mentioned, it is a sculpture of water considered the most spectacular of the story, since in its interior really impressive water whirlwinds are generated.

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