7 Tips on Sleeping on the Plane | #MacroTraveller

If you are one of those who finds it difficult to fall asleep while doing long flights, you should not miss these useful and efficient sleeping tips on the plane. Making the trip shorter and less heavy on a good sleep is possible; you will arrive at your destination relaxed and rested. We explained how to get it.

Tips for Sleeping on the Plane by #MacroTraveller (Travel Expert)

1.Be careful what you drink: Avoid coffee, tea, cola drinks and energy drinks, as they have compelling components that will prevent you from sleeping on the plane.

2.Do not rest before flying: The more tired you are when taking the flight, the sooner you will fall into the arms of Morpheus. A perfect strategy for sleeping on the plane would be to not sleep in the hours immediately before boarding.

If you have to travel in the morning, ideally you get up much earlier. That will allow you to be more tired when you take the flight, also you can take advantage of this time to finish adjusting some details of the trip.

  1. Listen to music: This is another great sleeping advice on the plane. Music is a great ally to cover everything: the sound of the aircraft, the passengers, etc. Your headpieces will isolate you from the world to the sweetest of your favorite music.

With the music you will relax, you will feel like in the armchair of your house and you will be able to sleep in the airplane. Before flying prepare a list with your favorite songs.

  1. Do not overdo it with carry-on luggage: In general, when I go on vacation, I carry many things “just in case.” I take clothes “in case it’s cold,” I wear rain gear just in case it rains. Do not take more hand luggage than you need, that way you will enter the compartment that is intended for that purpose.

If you follow this advice you will not have to deposit the bag or suitcase under the seat and hold it with your feet, something that will make it difficult for you to relax and rest. If you are a woman, do not wear one of those bags where your whole life enters, be more moderate. You do not move, you just go on vacation.

  1. Do not miss your pillow or your blanket: This tip is exceptional! Do not forget to ask them to give you your pillow and your blanket. Some airlines do not have enough for all the passage, so a good alternative is to take your own. They can be a thin blanket and an inflatable pillow, will not take up much space.

Although it may not seem like it, these two elements will help you a lot to sleep on the plane. Being uncomfortable or cold can keep you from falling asleep. In airplanes, the temperature is not very high and it is especially noticeable in summer. If you have your blanket, it will not be an impediment to sleep in the cabin.

  1. How to dress to travel: To travel, and much more if you want to sleep on the plane, you must be extremely comfortable. That’s why you should forget tight clothing, uncomfortable shoes, and thick or itchy clothes.

Ideally, we should wear comfortable clothing and, in particular, loose clothing. Very tight attire, besides causing discomfort, increases the risk of suffering from venous thrombosis. It is best that you say goodbye to those tight jeans and welcome you to a pair of cotton or linen skirts.

If you are a woman do not wear heels, being worn for many hours with uncomfortable shoes can cause swelling of feet and legs.

  1. Perfume: Maybe this seems like one of the tips to sleep on the plane too extreme, but it is not. Many people travel on airplanes; therefore, the aromas are intensified and enhanced. Remember that you will spend many hours going and that you do not want your perfume to make you drunk and displease.

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