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7 Reasons to Visit Jodhpur – Discover the Blue City!

Rajasthan in the center of the Blue City, the definite town must on any trip rises. We will tell you what to do in Jodhpur is not just a stop along the way.

The second city of the state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is located in the symbolic knot between the Thar Desert and the Aravali forests, the mountain range that crosses from north to south the state. Marwar or Jodhpur departed from the founders of Bikaner and if a principality has been instrumental in shaping the current Rajasthan is Marwar. Despite the long history of the Blue City, it is still little known, and many wonder what to do in Jodhpur and spend many days.Jodhpur is well worth a couple of days, but more. On the one hand, it has the Umaid Bhawan Palace one of the luxury hotels in Rajasthan situated in royal palaces. The peculiarity of the imposing Umaid Bhawan is that the royal family continued sharing of the building with its exclusive guests.

The last palace of Marwar can be seen from many parts of the city, almost as present as Mehrangarh Fort, the historic seat of the Principality of Jodhpur. Built on the rock, sometimes the walls with mountain and robust foreign presence are confused, hides the most delicate latticework of Rajasthani architecture and beautiful palaces that rival Udaipur and Jaipur among the best in India. Musealization has a great chivalric epic and palatial loves that one day inhabited these walls.

#MacroTravellerTips: Only from there you understand why Jodhpur is known as the Blue City, as a vast majority of the houses of the old town look blue or indigo once reserved for families of Brahmins.

Seven Reasons to Visit Jodhpur!

  1. Mehrangarh Fort, the most impressive Rajput fort in India.

Founding place of Jodhpur, as around this fort raised in 1459 by Prince Rao Jodha (hence Jodhpur) grew the city. Sprouting from the living rock resembles a fortress built by titans on a rocky cliff. Its dimensions are really colossal: 5 kms in length that rise 125 meters of height on the plain. It houses a museum that exhibits a collection that evokes intensely the courtly and palatial life of Jodhpur as the fortress hid an exquisite palatial enclosure, sumptuous and delicate in its interior decorative forms.Undoubtedly, one of the most important historical monuments of India.

  1. Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur, one of the largest private residences in the world.

The last great palace of India began its works in 1929, and it took fifteen years to be built. It is an excellent example of Indo-colonial architecture and originally had 345 rooms inspired by European art deco. Today it houses a luxury hotel of the prestigious chain Taj, it houses a museum, and they count that the present Maharajah and its family lives here.

  1. The Maharajas of Jodhpur, the seductive aristocracy Rajput!

In the museums and palaces of the city is exhibited a suggestive collection of furniture, painting, photography and various memorabilia that recovers the golden age of the Rajput aristocracy. A journey through epic battles, political intrigues and customs and traditions of court life, hunting days and polo matches, one of the oldest dynasties in the world: a fantastic thread to understand the history of India from the Century XV until our days passing through the colonial time.

  1. The medieval village of the Blue City!

The historical center of Jodhpur, which appears dyed blue as most of the facades of their houses are painted in this color, has an extraordinary charm and still maintains some air of the medieval border town that was.Its mere contemplation from the privileged watchtower of the fortress of Mehrangarh transports the traveler to a legendary and disappeared India.

  1. The delicacy of Jaswant Thada!

This cenotaph and royal crematorium erected in marble at the end of the XIX in memory of a Maharaja surprises by its exquisite structure and its idyllic location next to a small lake. A small Taj Mahal in Rajasthan!

  1. The bazaars of Kapra and Sardar!

In Rajasthan are some of the most fascinating bazaars in the world. And in Jodhpur the shrewd traveler can acquire handcrafted pieces of exquisite taste and good price: textiles, ceramics, spices and silver jewelry. Sardar bazaar, Kapra bazaar, Mochi bazaar and Sarafa bazaar are some of the most lively and famous bazaars of Jodhpur.

Do not miss the market of the Clock Tower that has recently been renovated to become a pedestrian.

  1. Rajasthan International Folk Festival.

The Jodhpur Riff is probably the best musical manifestation of Rajasthan folklore and has as a stage of its concerts and performances historical places like Mehrangarh Fort. It is celebrated in the month of October.

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