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It will probably not be for everyone, but if you enjoy extreme experiences, this practice may be perfect for you! There are many assumptions about how Bungee Jumping came about: some believe it was born as a rite of passage, others raise stories and ancient legends. The versions vary, and there is no real consensus on how this practice started, which is still considered insane by many people today.Although it is a sport that is increasingly known and adds many fans, the idea of jumping from unimaginable heights, tied around the waist or ankles, seeing the ground getting closer and closer does not seem to make sense to many. Those who practice this sport, however, see it as a reality that combines the adrenaline, the emotion, the freedom and the possibility to fly through some of the most wonderful landscapes in the world.

Extreme tourism has taken thousands of people to look for the best places to jump on this adventure, and the world has responded with equal enthusiasm, adapting spaces and creating structures so that Bungee Jumping lovers can live to the fullest in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Bridges, towers, buildings, cliffs and other spaces and structures that remain hundreds of meters from the ground have welcomed people from all over the world, inviting them to show their enthusiasm, courage, and rebellion. If you identify with these notions, you should know: they wait for your visit, to encourage you to experience the sensation of flight, fall, and freedom while testing your limits and giving you an unrivaled adrenaline rushes.

There will undoubtedly be thousands of places waiting for you. But if curiosity provokes or the desire to repeat the experience urges, MacroTraveller leave here a short list of five unforgettable places to live the best of Bungee Jumping.

1. Verzasca Dam or Contra Dam (Switzerland)
The Verzasca Dam is located on the outskirts of Locarno, Switzerland, and was built on the Verzasca River of Ticino. This long-standing Bungee Jumping venue has been internationally celebrated when, in 1995, the film character James Bond dances there during the movie “007 – Goldeneye”. Having received countless visits since then, the dam was considered the scene of the world’s largest Bungee Jumping.

With 220 meters of height, this dam, wholly built in concrete, allows the practitioners of this radical sport to venture on a jumping over the Verzasca Valley, in the center of a wonderful landscape, in the promise of an experience at the level of the best secret agent of the Cinema’s history.

2. Sindhupalchowk District (Nepal)
The typical picture in leaflets, films, and billboards, this suspension bridge, situated in Nepal, near the Tibetan border, does not require presentations. Built on the Bhote Kosi River, it rises 160 meters and fits perfectly into the center of a breathtaking natural setting.

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For many, the simple act of crossing this bridge will require a great deal of courage from the outset. Still, for the more daring and adventurous, the option to experience the unique feel of Bungee Jumping is available. In Sindhupalchowk you will be invited to dress the equipment and jump into the void, in the center of a green and telluric landscape, in an experience that surely will not forget.

3. Royal Gorge Bridge (United States)
Located in Colorado, in the United States, the Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the highest suspended bridges in the world, with a total of 321 meters in height. For this reason, it is a very famous place to practice Bungee Jumping.

Although it was no longer considered the world’s tallest bridge in 2001, when the Chinese bridge Liuguanghe exceeded its record, it remains the highest point of Bungee Jumping in the world, offering lovers of this sport a unique experience that does not can still be lived in no other place on the globe.

In addition to all this, incorporated in a beautiful setting on the Arkansas River, a jump from this bridge will allow adventurers to enjoy the experience in the midst of a breathtaking landscape.

4. Victoria Falls
Located between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa, Victoria Falls is considered one of the largest waterfalls in the world, falling 111 meters to the Zambezi River. In this place, Bungee Jumping will be an unforgettable activity for fans of the activity, since, in addition to the promised flight. This practice occurs in this cataract with a slight twist, at the end of the fall, the practitioner of this sport will feel the diving in the icy waters of the river. It is an experience full of emotions, in the midst of living nature, where you can feel your heartbeat in the rhythmic compass of the world.

5. Macau Tower!
In China, you will find something different to practice Bungee Jumping. Far from the telluric idea associated with the extreme sporting practice, the Macau Tower is one of the city’s business cards, rising 338 meters above ground level. Packed with leisure and entertainment spaces, where you can find a wide range of options (such as a casino, several restaurants, and shops). This tower will invite you to jump a total of 233 meters, with a backdrop that blends a cosmopolitan Macau and its fabulous coastline, in a fall that reaches 200km per hour.

Like these places, many others await you, on five continents. You can, for example, head to the Bloukrans Bridge in the Western Cape, South Africa to jump its 216 meters over the Bloukrans or perhaps venture to Brazil and visit the Lapa Grotto to live a different experience and jump into the mouth of a cave. No matter what form or landscape: adventure is waiting for you in the four corners of the world! If you are a fan of extreme sports, Bungee Jumping will be an undeniable experience. A practice that guarantees that, with a little courage and a lot of desire to fly, the feeling of freedom is a step and a long drop in the center of the wonders of the planet.

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