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What you take with you on holiday is, of course, the destination, the weather forecast and what you plan to do. And do you travel with only hand luggage, a backpack or a suitcase? In advance, you think of which travel outfits you want to take with you and which clothes you can combine well. But how do you really cleverly pack your luggage and make sure you do not take too much with you? MacroTraveller gives you five tips!

  1. Create a packing list 

A packing list is handy, clear and gives peace. Share your list in different categories and put with each category what you want to take with you. When your list is ready, all you have to do is to strip and pack all items from your list. Save your list somewhere (for example as a note on your phone), so that you do not have to make a new one for every trip. Online you can find different checklists that you can use as a basis to create your own packing list. And at the top, of course, is always your passport.

  1. Pick up the right clothes (and not too much!) 

Every trip requires different outfits. If you leave for a sunny destination, you probably have more space in your suitcase than when you go on a ski holiday. Think ahead of time what you really need and which clothing and shoes you can combine well with each other. And if you leave for several weeks, you will occasionally wash out your clothes.

  1. Smartly pack your suitcase or backpack 

You can really take more with you when you pack your suitcase or backpack smartly. Do you travel with a suitcase? Roll up your clothes, and it really fits more than if you fold it. Do you bring a backpack with you? Divide your clothes over different pockets that you put in your bag. So you do not have to pack your bag again and again at every destination, but you get the stuff out of the bag you need.

  1. Take mini’s for you in toiletry bag 

Your toiletry bag often takes up a lot of space, so it’s important not to stop it crowded. Buy mini toiletries so that you can easily save space. Often you have enough for 2 to 3 weeks of travelling. You can also take this with you if you travel with hand luggage only.

  1. Put on your heaviest clothing and shoes on the road

You can wear that thick sweater, long pants and heavy shoes on the go. Not only do you gain space in your suitcase, but it also saves weight. Do you doubt whether your luggage is too heavy? Stand on the scales at home so that you will find surprises at the airport.




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