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5 Most Beautiful Underwater Hotels | MacroTraveller

Escape the world for a few days and be pampered according to all the rules of the art – this is possible in beautiful underwater hotels. What seems like a break on another planet is indeed an unforgettable experience. In addition to luxurious options, there are also simpler accommodations that are intended for everyone. Take a look at the colorful sea from a completely different perspective.

Why should you stay in an underwater hotel?

In an underwater hotel, you see the world with completely different eyes. Below sea level, you will find fascinating sea creatures that you can admire and marvel at in their natural habitat.

But don’t worry: So that nothing happens to you, the underwater hotels are equipped with bulletproof glass panes. So you are safe and can follow the breathtaking activity of colorful fish and other marine animals undisturbed. You will never forget this unusual perspective!

  1. Tanzania: Manta Resort : Pic Credits :

On Pemba Island in Tanzania is the noble Manta Resort. On the beach, you will already have an incredible view of the Indian Ocean that will make you speechless. Here the vegetation is still green and untouched – ideal for a relaxing holiday.

The accommodations themselves consist of thatched garden rooms, sun terraces and floating islands offering underwater dormitories. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, you can thoroughly enjoy the dazzling marine life. With a magical 360 ° view, you will see the sea with different eyes, and you will be able to get close to sea creatures and marvel at fascinating creatures.

Additional Perks: SPA- along with wellness center, restaurants, private beach area, canoeing and much more

Cost per night: from 1270 € per person

  1. Dubai: Atlantis – The Palm

The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai offers not only regular rooms in the country but also two underwater suites. To emphasize its uniqueness, the rooms were named after sea deities: Neptune and Poseidon. Both suites have sleeping areas with large window elements so that you can marvel at the action in the sea from the bed.

Pic Credits :

To meet the myth of Atlantis as well as possible, the architects have integrated into the underwater hotel underground tunnels, man-made wrecks and much more on the sea floor. Experience the illusion of a sunken city! Here every detail was thought and no effort or expense spared to bring Atlantis to life.

In addition to this luxury, you can take advantage of numerous leisure activities that will make your time out in Dubai an unforgettable experience. I recommend a visit to the Aquapark with its numerous water slides and lagoons. I would also like to recommend the Dolphin Bay to you. There, guests can swim together with dolphins.

Additional Perks: 1.4 km of sandy beaches, 20 restaurants, luxury boutiques, Atlantis Kids Club, Aquaventure Waterpark, Lost Chambers Aquarium and much more.

Cost per night: from 608 € per person

  1. Florida: Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Pic Credits :

If you love the adventure, you will be able to realize all your dreams with this underwater hotel. The Jules Undersea Lodge is modeled on the Roman classic by Jules Verne’s 20,000 miles under the sea and is therefore very popular.

The former research laboratory, which is considered the oldest and thus the first underwater hotel in the world, can only be reached via the diving route. At a depth of six meters, guests first enter the holiday home via a floor opening and can admire shipwrecks and corals from here. The hotel offers guests everything that is needed for everyday life and provides a sensational view of the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.

Additional Perks: Not only overnight stays but also guided tours and weddings are possible here.

Cost per night: from 575 € per person

  1. Sweden: Utter Inn Hotel

Pic Credits :

Not only has the subtropical regions score pointed with underwater hotels – the cool north, too, benefits from the extraordinary accommodations. The Utter Inn (translated: Otter-Hotel) is the only underwater hotel in the whole of Sweden and is located in Lake Mälaren, which is very close to Stockholm. The Swedish-style hotel may not be as luxurious as its counterparts in Dubai or Tanzania, but it is at least as spectacular.

Sleeping underwater is clearly in focus during this visit. At a depth of about three meters, the sleeping area is equipped with panoramic windows on each wall and provides an incredible view of a dreamlike world. If you want to catch some fresh air in between, you can do so on the wooden terraces on the surface. Enjoy the Swedish countryside with all its advantages – whether on land or underwater.

Additional Perks: absolute seclusion, explore islands by boat and much more.

Cost per night: from 210 € for two persons

  1. Caribbean: Lovers Deep

Everything is different in this hotel. Tourists do not expect a classic building under the water, but a submarine, which was very luxurious and first-class, converted. Unique: the boat takes its guests off very relaxed and can hold in front of any desirable Caribbean island.

Pic Credits :

You get to the hotel by speedboat and enjoy the rooms all by yourself: for a love holiday almost predestined. In addition to comfortable beds, which can be provided with rose petals on request, guests can expect high-quality equipment and exquisite meals, which are enjoyed in the presence of marine life. During the visit, you will also be assisted by a captain, a Stewart, a cook, and Butler. If you want a trip that is completely different from other vacation packages, you are very well advised with this underwater hotel.

Additional Perks: welcome champagne, candlelight dinners, fancy dinners possible, island hopping on request.

Cost for 2 nights: from 200,000 € for two nights including the captain, butler, and cook.

#MacroTravellerTips: No matter whether it is upscale or rather adventurous – there is just the right underwater hotel for every taste worldwide. You can choose whether you want to learn more about the marine world or rather take a romantic vacation for two. Immerse yourself in a colorful, quiet world that will make you forget life for a few moments over the water.

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