5 Destinations you should Travel this Winter

Winter is a season that can also offer exciting destinations in many parts of the world. Traveling in winter has many advantages. You can get the best prices of the year since it is low season in virtually all destinations; you will go without crowds; and, besides, many places in the world show you a very different face from the rest of the months of the year, being more beautiful than you had imagined.

Although during these months, many travelers prefer to flee from the low temperatures and seek warm destinations, there are others who prefer to enjoy places that win some winter magic. If you are among the latter, put your suitcase, gloves, hats, earmuffs, scarf, and others, and get ready to travel to these ten fantastic winter destinations:

1) Prague, Czech RepublicTraveling in winter to a romantic city often intensifies the emotions you feel in it. Prague is a clear example of this theory. Few cities in Europe exude the majesty and beauty emanating from the capital of the Czech Republic. The gray waters of the Vltava river pass under the foundations of the famous Charles Bridge, reminding you that, although the bridge is the oldest in Prague – it has linked the Lesser Town and the Old Town since the beginning of the 15th century – it is its waters that allowed life to flourish here.

A life that in winter seems buried under the snow, but that does not do more than resurge with more force in the corners of the beautiful palaces and buildings that are illuminated to serve as a lighthouse and warm shelter to the tourists. The Castle, the Clock Astronomical Old Town Hall, Wenceslas Square, St. Vitus Cathedral. These are just some of the many monuments that will make you fall in love with Prague.

2) Lapland, Sweden

If you want to travel in winter to a remote place where the weather is frigid, Lapland is the place you were looking for. Life in this part of the world takes place in total harmony with nature. Fishing in holes made in the ice, traveling in sleighs pulled by dogs, make a safari in search of hard and robust elk, meet the brave people who live in these inhospitable lands and, if you have time and money, come to the Finnish area to know the place where Santa lives.

3) Dublin, IrelandTraveling in winter to Dublin is ideal because the warmth of the Irish can melt even the coldest ice in the world. And if they do not get it, it will be the warmth of their pubs. Although, monumentally speaking, the Irish capital can be considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it is one of the ones with the most soul. People of dozens of different nationalities walk every day to work in the center of the city. Some pass by the mythical Trinity College, cross the O’Connell Bridge and admire the imposing facade of the GPO. Others take advantage of the free days to visit their mythological parks. St. Stephen’s Green is full of tourists at any time of the year, but in Merrion Square, the statue of Oscar Wilde is still thoughtful on the cold rock.

4) Amsterdam, NetherlandsTraveling in winter to Amsterdam requires a certain courage and a taste for the cold. Since it’s inconceivable that you visit the capital of Holland without feeling how its inhabitants live. To do this, you must move by bicycle. There is no more fun way to see Amsterdam than doing it by bike.

To top off the task, try to stay in one of the boats that float on the waters of the canal. Some of them have been transformed into hotels and are genuinely requested. Stroll through its vast parks covered with snow and, if the winter is unusually raw, you can even walk on the surface of its frozen channels. To warm up, open the door of a coffee shop and let yourself go.

5) New York, United StatesWho has not felt comforted to see one of those Christmas movies set in a fully illuminated New York? Well, maybe a lot of people, but the truth is that the most filmed city in the world seems to dress up when winter comes. The white snow layer serves as a mirror to the many colorful lights that illuminate New York.

And life in its streets is not that it does not stop, but that it multiplies. Central Park, the Bronx, Little Italy, Chinatown, Queens, the Greek restaurants of Astoria, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, the shops of Fifth Avenue. Small ant-covered with brightly colored coats seem to move restlessly for all these locations. Ice-skating, visiting museums – such as the MoMA or the Natural History Museum – see musicals on Broadway or attend a sporting event are just some of the many things that can offer you the travel to New York in winter.


And I wonder, who said that trips and getaways are only for the summer? Do you have your favorite city for this winter season? Share it with me in comments!

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