Destination Gujarat India

RT-PCR test is mandatory for everyone who is traveling to the state of Gujarat.

Visitors to the state of Gujarat will now have to pronounce their RT-PCR test and it should be negative upon arrival. Reportedly, airlines have been directed to check the passengers’ reports at the boarding area before they travel to the state.

It has been recorded that the number of passengers who have traveled to Gujarat over the past two days was made to provide their samples for testing before leaving the airport as they arrived with a Covid-19 negative report.

The state government has now made it mandatory for everyone traveling to Gujarat to show an RT-PCR test which should be negative and they should have undergone the test 72 hours prior.

The health department also has issued notification regarding the same and stated that consideration of a large number of passengers who arrive at the airport and risk the chance of Covid-19 spread, all airlines have been directed for a negative RT-PCR Test report of passengers before departure.

The notification also stated that the passenger shall not be allowed to enter Gujarat, or they will be asked to undergo a covid-19 test at the airport with a self-paid test and they need to wait until they get a report. All airport and airline authorities have also been requested to sensitize all passengers regarding Covid-19 related protocols.

Reports have it that airlines have been instructed to not just verify RT-PCR test report, but also prepare passengers to get tested at the airport at their cost before leaving.

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Destination Gujarat India
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