2021 likely to be the year of leisure travel says a survey

According to a survey conducted, it is said that almost 65% of 11,500 said that they intend for leisure travel and explore new destinations of the year 2021. This survey was conducted by Intermiles which is a loyalty and rewards service program.

The survey was conducted in January and the results found that leisure travel will lead the way in the year 2021. The travel industry was hit hard due to the pandemic last year. In the survey conducted, close to 65% responded that they would travel for leisure purposes and the rest mentioned they would travel to meet their friends and family.

Intermiles also said that the year 2020 was the year of essential travel and the year 2021 would be the year for adventure travel where travelers would be stepping out to explore new places.

“The roll-out of vaccines and pragmatic innovations across travel seem to have contributed to this increase in consumer confidence.”

The survey also found that business and corporate travel would be the first segments to recover and is on the third list on travelers priority.

The findings also suggested that the business travel suggested that business travel is anticipated to pickup through the course of this year where 85% of people surveyed consider business travel for the year 2021. The survey found over 60% of respondents said that they would consider travel local or somewhere domestic.

Intermiles had cited earlier in the month of October 2020 survey that said 28% of the respondents were then comfortable with staycation within the city which has now increased to 68%, over 60% of respondents say they are comfortable with remote or offbeat stays too.

“According to the survey, 64% [of] respondents will look for flexibility to change dates before making concrete travel decisions, while 62% will look for last-minute free cancellations.” Said a spokesperson.

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