We are covering all 4 Rides and Attraction all at once because there are just 4-5 rides in each theme area.

New York

This is the theme area located after Hollywood. This section of the park is designed to mimic New York City and is one of the best places to explore. New York theme area has 4 Rides and attractions which include.

  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ‚Äď The Ride 4K3D: One of the world’s best-themed attraction which goes with the blockbuster movie, Spider-Man. This ride has been awarded as world’s best ride for over 7 years in a row and this has the best technology applicable for a ride. This ride is of approximately 5 minutes where you would help Spider-Man fight against the evil Sinister Syndicate who along with Doctor Octopus will steal Statue of Liberty. The ride is of 4K with 3D experience which will give you an immersive experience with its special effects and imagery. Guests who have fear of heights, cardio issue, leg, back, spine pain, expected mothers and guests who are not around 122cm tall are not allowed for this ride. The ride has a capacity of 12 guests per time. This ride is an express ride, hence express pass holders can visit this without any wait at the queue.


  • Terminator 2: 3D; This is one of the show that will be held in New York theme area. The show lasts approximately 30 minutes is packed with action and adventure where you would witness a battle of the future between humans and cyborgs. The Super 3D screen with the help of Hollywood special effects will make you feel like you are along with the battle against cyborgs. Experience one of the kind show where you feel like you are participating in the battle. Guests who cannot tolerate special effects, loud sounds and expected mothers cannot participate in this ride. This is an Express pass ride, hence people who are express pass holders can visit this without any wait.


  • 42nd Street Studio– Greeting Gallery: A talented group of artists have come to exhibit their art at New York. Among them are minions and snoopy who will invite you to showcase their piece of art. You will help them complete the piece of artwork which will make you commemorate their love of art. This is a live art hence there is no time/age limit.


  • Sesame Street-Bollywood: Join the dance party with Elmo and the gang who grooves and dances to music from Bollywood. Enjoy the dance and also the music played here which makes you groove without your knowledge.


Minion Park

Soon after New York theme area, you enter Minion Park. Come be a part of the minion mayhem which are adorable, hilarious and totally out of control.  There are 3 Rides and Attractions here where you would enjoy to the core, if you travelling with the family then kids will be elated.


  • Despicable Me Minion Mayhem: The attraction is around 25 minutes. This thrilling ride is where you would turn into a minion with hyper-realistic projection system and massive dome screen. Climb aboard the vehicle and with the guidance of Gru and his three daughters, you would explore space and return back to earth. This will be an amazing ride and people who have heart issues, expected mothers and guests who are below 122 cm in height are not allowed to enter. Guests who are 102 cm at least can enter with supervision.


  • Freeze Ray Sliders: Slide across ice sheet at Minion Park where you would experience an overdrive, chilly and you would feel the adrenaline push by racing on ice. The ride is approximately 2 minutes and guests who cannot sit, heart issues, spinal issues, expected mothers are refrained not to ride this.


  • Minions Hacha-Mecha Greeting: Interact with minions at Gru’s laboratory. Minions spend time here where you can meet them, click some photographs and get friendly with them. This can be attended by guests of all ages and there are not any time restrictions.





This theme area is situated next to Minion Park and has 1 attraction.


  • Waterworld: Waterworld is a place where you will action-packed show for over 20 minutes where you would see many stunts using many props being fought in the water area. This feels like a mini-movie where it gets unfolded right in front of your eyes. Witness explosions, gun-fires, jumps and fights right in front of you. The capacity of Waterworld is 3220 seats.


Amity Village


A small themed area situated next to San Francisco is Waterworld. This has 1 ride


  • JAWS: Experience Thrill and Fear at this themed attraction where the show is of the theme of famous movie JAWS. You would go on a boat ride and explore the place, however, Man-eater sharks start to show up and throw everyone into fear. Any weapon is against the mighty strength of sharks, will you be able to escape from the hands of sharks? The ride is around 7 minutes, guests who are afraid of water, heart issue, expected mothers are refrained against riding this.




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