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10 Tips you should know while travelling to #Macao #MacroTravellerTips

1) The first advice I can give you about Macao, and I consider it to be the most useful of all by far, is that you should forget the comparisons. Macao is unique and has nothing to do with Hong Kong or any other Chinese city you may have visited before. If you want to let this corner of Asia conquer you, you must take have an open mind and savor every moment being aware that Macao is different and unique.

2) The weather in Macao is warm most of the year. The temperatures are not high at any time of the year (with an average of 23º), but it is humidity. The rainy season continues from May to September, while from October to December are the months with more sun and a warmer temperature. Between January and April, you can cool a little more (15º) but tend to have a lot of bright days. The humidity in this region of the world makes frequent cloudy days and fogs at certain times of the day. Note: Typhoons are possible from May to September.3) Traditional restaurants in Macao usually do not have cutlery. If anything, they may have a fork, but forget about getting a knife, because they do not use them. Learn to eat with chopsticks or pray for them to have a fork (and for you to understand when you ask for it. In China they do not usually eat with beverages such as soft drinks or water; They drink soup or tea to accompany meals. Generally, it will not be difficult for you to get water, soda or juice when you go to eat a restaurant, but it may be that the offer they have is very limited.


4) In China, they dined very early, and Macao is no exception. If you are Indian and you like to eat late, you should know that at 10 pm most of the restaurants are already closing.

5) Plug sockets in Macao (and also in Hong Kong) are different from the ones we use in India so think that once you get there, you will need an adapter. The electric current in Macao is 230V at 50Hz. They sell them very cheaply almost anywhere.

6) Getting Wi-Fi in Macao is almost as easy as searching for a signal with the mobile phone. Many of the principal streets offer free connection. Also hotels, restaurants, museums, etc. with an open signal (and quality). It is probably one of the best-connected regions in the world and without censors or blockers.

7) If you do not have GPS on your mobile phone, as soon as you arrive in Macao, try to get a map of the city so that you can locate it as quickly as possible. In Largo do Senado, a very touristy square located near the ruins of Sao Paulo, there is a tourist office where you can get some of those maps and ask any questions you may have. Take advantage, because it will be one of the few places where you can ask for help in English and can understand you without problems.

8) However, if you like the night and the party, an excellent option is to go to Pacha Macao, located in the casino Studio City in Taipa. On Fridays, it’s Ladies Night, and the girls have free entrance and open bar all night. Crazy! The atmosphere is super international, and there is an incredibly useful vibe.9) The official currency of Macao is pataca (a name that was already used in Portuguese and Old Castilian). It is obtained in any bank, exchange house, hotels, etc. It coexists perfectly with the Hong Kong dollar (and its value is similar) that you get to see more on the street than the patacas themselves. There are ATMs practically everywhere. In a city that lives in casinos and tourism, getting money is usually not difficult.

10)Macao is a super lively city, and there is always something to do! Art and food festivals, concerts, exhibitions. If you’re going to be a few days (or more) visiting the city, it is advisable that you download the application for Mobile What’s On, Macao. With it, you will be able to know with ease the events that will have in place the days that you will be visiting the city and all the relevant information like schedules, prices, location of celebration, etc.

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Destination Macao
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