Believe it or not, some things we see that are harmless can affect our safety on an airplane. Besides, in aircraft, there are many germs that it is better to avoid. We teach you what you should never do on a plane. Take note!

Do you think we exaggerate? We only tell you, the rest is in you. We teach you the 10 things you should never do on a plane to avoid germs and keep you safe. Point!

Walking Barefoot?

In the corridors and bathrooms of the airplanes, there may be germs of people who have walked barefoot or even remains of vomit from a previous flight. Do not trust. Also, it is likely that there may be some glasses of a passenger who fell asleep or a small broken glass, which can cause an unnecessary cut or other diseases. Take with you comfortable slippers to be at home and problem solved.

Staying seated throughout the flight?

Have you ever heard about the tourist class syndrome? In an airplane, there is a higher chance of blood clotting and deep vein thrombosis, that is, what has been called the “tourist class syndrome.” To avoid it, try to move your legs on the seat, walk for a few minutes and stretch your legs every hour.

Do you wear contact lenses?

Although you wear contact lenses, the best thing is that the day you fly you put on your glasses. The air in the aircraft cabin is arid and can cause eye irritation. Also, if you fall asleep, it can be especially irritating.

Turning off the air outlet above your seat?

Although you cannot believe it, the air above the seat can dissipate the bacteria that want to invade your space and get into your body. It is best to leave it on at medium or high speed. Also, this advice helps your skin not dry out.

Do not hydrate?

Even the World Health Organization says it: on flights you have to stay hydrated. The low humidity of the air cabins, designed to withstand the height they reach, can dehydrate you unless a cock crows. If you are going to fly, drink water before entering the plane, and during the flight hydrate regularly. Never forget.

Drinking too much alcohol?

Not only because of responsibility but because alcohol is dehydrating. Combined with the low humidity of the plane, your body can dry up like a raisin. Also, the air of an airplane makes the effects of alcohol faster and more intense, so you should be careful. And, in case you have not yet convinced yourself, you should know that alcohol decreases the immune system and airplanes are one of the public places with more bacteria and viruses swarming through the air. By the way, it’s no good if you’ve taken alcohol before the flight … the effects will be the same.

Wearing shorts?

It is one of the most common mistakes of summer trips. First of all, on airplanes, it’s sometimes cold … why risk a wrong time? And second, have you ever wondered how many people have sat in your seat before you? Germs can also stay on your legs and penetrate your skin. Although aircraft seats are cleaned, sometimes it is not done between flights, especially on short trips.

Feeling embarrassed about telling a flight attendant that you do not feel well?

If you do not have a good flight experience and you feel bad, do not hesitate to call the stewardess or steward. Flight attendants are trained to help in medical emergencies, and they even learn how to manage a high birth properly. So do not let shame win you, and count on your help.

Stretching your legs in the hall?

We know that sometimes it is a necessity, but if you do, you should be careful to be aware if someone wishes to pass. If you fall asleep with your legs stretched out, you can cause an accident, an older adult or a child can trip over you and hurt yourself. Be cautious.

Not paying attention to safety instructions?

Although this is a no-brainer, on many occasions passengers do not pay attention to safety instructions. Can you imagine that the cabin is depressurized and you do not know how to put on the mask because you did not pay attention? The smartest thing is that at the beginning of the flight you take a little time to remain attentive to the staff and locate where the written instructions are.


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